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-Antigravity Lithium Battery with BMS and Restart Technology, 480 cranking amps
-Pirelli Angel GT's installed approx. 500 miles ago
-Speed Bleeders brakes and clutch
-Stone Gray Corbin Smuggler. Modified to fit with OEM heavy duty rack
-OEM Yamaha heavy duty aluminum rear case mount / luggage rack
-OEM Comfort seat
-OEM Touring screen
-OEM wind deflectors / mirror guards
-OEM rear mudflap
-Canyon Cages
-Custom one off, "controlled tip- over" bag protectors. They allow unencumbered use of the passenger pegs.
-Custom 20 Watt daytime running lights and waterproof switch
-Super Bright LED secondary high intensity light added as secondary brake light
-LED Flashing brake light bulbs - no dash errors
-Large Throttle Boss
-Chrome heat shield drivers side
-Directional shut off reminder that uses a "back up" beeper to remind you to cancel the turn signal. Only audible when riding locally. Not during highway use.
-Dash mounted GPS
-12V Portable air pump
-Piaa Dual Slim Line horns


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
Not open for further replies.