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Anyone figured out how to mount a GPS above gauges

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After riding my new 2013 FJR it seems to me that the best place to position a GPS is just above our gauges and just below the natural line of sight. It would seem to me that positioning it below the gauges using an attachment point on the triple tree or other similar location would require taking my eyes off the road for too long. I'm not a fan of a shelf for everyday use and a longer ram mount would block the center gauge cluster.

I'm wondering if anyone has put together a solution to mounting a GPS above the gauges without the use of a shelf.

Any ideas? :?
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That ain't nuttin compared to some I've seen.

If time is more important than location to you, there's this variation.

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good grief Bounce!!! where's the "rocket booster,tv aerial and tracking station" switch........or is there more to come :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
That's clean and tidy.

You want to see mine :D
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I made my own out of some spare aluminum I had. I had tried to bend it to follow the curve of the gauges but I don't have the correct tools for that. What I ended up doing was cutting out a hole to fit around the gauges, added a couple of braces to the plastic body works and then mounted the plate to the braces. The plated is now home to my GPS, a SPOT tracker, and, a dual USB power outlet. The view of the gauges is not blocked and the GPS is nice high for good visibility with having to move you eyes off the road. I have had to make some adjustments to it and need to repaint it to make it look better. It works real good.


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Has anyone mounted a GPS above the instruments on a Gen 2?

I imagine I'll have to bastardise/Frankenstein a product intended for another bike in order to get my Zumo 390 mounted over the instruments, but it'd be great to see what other folk have come up with on Gen 2 FJRs.

I'm not interested on those dash things, and I don't want to mount it on the handlebars, steering stem or fluid reservoirs.

See attached pic for an idea of what I'm aiming for (borrowed from www - apologies & thanks to owner).

TIA. (y)

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I have used a Migsel mount (72 euro shipped) on all of my FJRs, with Zumo 660, Zumo 395 and Zumo XT. It is quality, solid, engineering. The fixed positioning above the steering stem nut (using the tank mount holes) with a RAM arm length of your choice is perfect line of sight (for me anyway).
I have a Migsel mount on my GS to place the Zumo above the instruments. Good solid piece of gear.

I want the Zumo above the instruments on the FJR too. Not interested in looking down to see Zumo screen.
The (excellent) electric screen limits seriously limits you options up there
The (excellent) electric screen limits seriously limits you options up there
Dang! I suspected as much. I'll suss it out next week when I get the bike.
Mines mounted with a Ram ball mount, right side beside master cylinder In view so I can still see the road.

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On my '07 I have it hadlebar mounted but I changed up for the '13. See, I ride a lot at night and the indicating lights on the '13 are obnoxiously bright to me. I moved the gps to be stem nut mounted so I can use it to block out the lights at night.
I found it quicker and less tiring to glance at the GPS on the steering stem (rather than the handle bar) as it remains fixed centrally in a similar plane to the instruments when the bike is cornering.
I thought about doing what this bloke did and put a ram ball through the plastics about the instruments.
Thought better of it and went with steering stem mount.
Mines mounted with a Ram ball in the mirror post hole, right side. In view so I can still see the road.

View attachment 80859
Interesting. Do you have a rider's-eye view of that set-up you could post?
Mine sits below the instruments on a mount off the stem nut. You will get used to it being there and able to focus on it and back to the road quickly in short time.
I mostly listen to the directions and dont look at the map anyway.
Did you buy an aftermarket stem nut? I bought a ram mount ball and was going to thread a hole in the nut cover but found it was paper thin. I didn't think threading a 1/4-20 hole was a good idea.
1/4-20 Nut on the bottom side...........
I prefer it next to the gauges. Have it like this on both bikes.
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Despite really wanting my GPS above the gauges, I realise that's not viable on the FJR.

So I've ordered the SW Motech mount that fits to the fuel tank's two front mounting bolts. Lower than I want, but central.

I also got a RAM mount for the hole beside the clutch reservoir. I could put the GPS there (not central, but higher in my line of sight), or maybe my phone.

The fun of a new-to-me bike...
I prefer up and in front of me..... another idea if you're using that mirror hole for something else..... years ago I had this bracket, it is steel and pre-drilled/tapped for a standard Garmin cradle. Straight up and then angled forward..... you can easily make one and any height you want.

I put this on my VFR, and sideways cradle is for a Garmin 396.

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Did you buy an aftermarket stem nut? I bought a ram mount ball and was going to thread a hole in the nut cover but found it was paper thin. I didn't think threading a 1/4-20 hole was a good idea.
Yes. The stem nut is aftermarket and designed for the ball to thread in. I dont know the name as I bought it from another FJR rider.
It most likely was a Motorcycle Larry nut... out of business quite a while ago. The OEM is thin.... put a nut on the back?
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