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After riding my new 2013 FJR it seems to me that the best place to position a GPS is just above our gauges and just below the natural line of sight. It would seem to me that positioning it below the gauges using an attachment point on the triple tree or other similar location would require taking my eyes off the road for too long. I'm not a fan of a shelf for everyday use and a longer ram mount would block the center gauge cluster.

I'm wondering if anyone has put together a solution to mounting a GPS above the gauges without the use of a shelf.

Any ideas? :?
perhaps i am a voice in the wilderness of the tech age,but on a bike you are never lost!! it's about the's bad enough the amount of totally useless c**p they stick in a car!!! people can't even walk in a straightline these days without bumping into someone or thing. "Ludite" i maybe be,but, tech is causing heartache and stress worldwide.........relax and ride.......where best to fit it :laugh: :laugh: up your!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well you finish the rest. :wink2:
1 - 2 of 56 Posts