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A couple was about to celebrate their 50th anniversary and thought it would be fun to reenact their original wedding. So they invited all the guests from 50 years ago, asked the same two friends to stand for them, booked the same church with the same pastor, booked the same reception hall and band and even booked the same hotel wedding suite.

Well, the big day finally came and the event went off splendidly. Enthused by the success of the day, the couple whisked away to their honeymoon suite to consummate the marriage. He carried her through the door, put her down and she told him to relax and watch some TV while she went into the bath to 'get ready'.

After a while, she emerged from the bath wearing the same skimpy negligee from 50 years ago. With one hand on her hip and the other raised high on the bath door jamb she asked in her sexiest voice, "Honey, do you remember what you said 50 years ago when you first saw me in this outfit?"

"Well, I sure do!", he replied. "I said that I was gonna fook your brains out and suck your tits dry!"

Coyishly smiling, she said, "Well...?"

Not missing a beat, he quipped, "Well, I think it worked!"
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