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Staying too long at the pub with his mates, Steve decides to walk the short distance home rather than get a taxi. He'll sober up a little bit with a walk and his wife won't be too mad.

As he's walking along a car pulls up. It's the gorgeous new girl from accounts in her new car. He accepts a lift readily. Once in the car she offers to take him back to her place for coffee. He readily accepts.

Once inside the house, with the lights dim, passion takes over and they embrace trying to rub their privates together through their clothing. Soon they're in bed grinding away, changing positions and generally fulfilling each others sexual desires.

Hours later he realises he has to go home. He asks for a stick of chalk. She drives him home and he rushes inside to his wife standing waiting for his excuses.

He tells her everything. The gorgeous girl picking him up, going back to her place, rooting like rabbits.

She stares at him and says, "you bloody liar! you've been out playing darts with your mates again. I can see the stick of chalk behind your ear!"
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