For sale: 2019 Vstrom DL650XT Touring. 10810 miles as of this posting, comes with many accessories.

Factory accessories:
--Suzuki crash bars
--Suzuki "Touring" side cases. I believe they are 21L and 18L (right one is slightly smaller to go around the exhaust), but don't quote me on that.
--Suzuki centerstand

Accessories left from previous owner:

--Givi skid plate
--Puig clip-on windshield extender
--Metal radiator guard

Bike is currently equipped with:
--Michelin Anakee Adventure tires, with a healthy amount of tread left on both.

I've added ...ahem, just a few things:

--Aprilia Tuono style mirrors
--Adventuretech mirror extenders
--Adventuretech fork brace
--Adventuretech footpeg lowering kit
--Koso Apollo heated grips
--Sit 'n' Fly seat cover
--Givi SRA3112 top case adapter
--Modified K48 top case (more on that below)
--Givi Tank Lock ring and "distressed finish" MT505 tank bag.
--Eastern Beaver PC8 accessory power box.
--Eastern Beaver brake/tail light tap, that's how I power the brake light in the top case lid (again, more details below)
--Jhat-inspired turbulence deflectors on the fairing. I made these. They're installed with self-adhesive Velcro, so if you don't like them, easy to remove without damage.
--side stand foot enlarger
--CustomTaylor33 red reflective rim tape
--SAE battery tender pigtail (you can see it hanging out on one of the left-side pics)
--possibly something else I forgot to list, I'll add as I remember

You also get (not shown):

--stock grips, including the intact throttle tube from the right side. When I installed the Koso Apollo heated grips, I put the right one on an aftermarket throttle tube, so that I wouldn't need to butcher the OEM throttle tube. This makes it easy to switch back to OEM, if you don't like the Apollos.
--stock mirrors. Nothing wrong with them, it's only that I like the look and width of the Aprilia Tuono-style mirrors.
--Owner's manual
--Factory service manual
--Funky aluminum top case adapter plate thing I made to move the top case back a little more. It's ugly but functional. Photo upon request, but if you dig you can find the thread where I documented making it.
--2 keys for the top case lock. It's a Kappa brand 48-liter case case, which is basically a rebranded Givi Monokey product. Uses the same attachment hardware and keying system as Givi Monokey luggage.
--two original Suzuki ignition keys (these are not the chip type) plus a spare.
--a third lock, keyed the same as the factory side cases (which use the ignition key), in case you ever want to install the Suzuki top case.
--A spare lower throttle cable, brand new in the factory packaging.
--Eastern Beaver accessory power plug for this model Vstrom. It lets you plug something in to the "factory heated grips" plug that is already on the wiring harness near the radiator, and farther back on the left side. The most elegant way to tap power for powering a GPS, low-draw auxiliary lighting, etc.

Anything not mentioned is presumably stock. I've not needed to do any major maintenance on this bike - I haven't even had the plastics off the front. It had fresh Suzuki engine oil (the red stuff) when I bought it, and the brake fluid is clear. Both previous owners took good care of it. The one I bought it from sold it because he wanted a more "dirtbike" bike.

Clean New Mexico title, in my name - no liens or other title tomfoolery here.

The top case has been modified with LED strip to create a brake light in the lid. Plugs into an Eastern Beaver tail light/brake light wiring harness adapter.

I repainted the top case lid a couple of years ago. The original, glossy black paint had begun falling off, so I sanded it down and gave it a few coats of Krylon Fusion. It's not "pretty" but it works.

This 2019 DL650XT Touring can be yours for US$7500 US$7300. Located in Albuquerque, NM.

I prefer local buyers with cash, but if you're going to travel in and ride/trailer it home, we can probably work something out.

If you're not comfortable traveling with that much cash, we can do a debit card cash advance at my credit union. No checks (including cashier's checks).

Obviously, comes with no warranty and no takesie-backsies. This Vstrom is in great shape - I've had to do zero maintenance since I bought it at about 8000 miles, other than chain lubrication. I've never dropped it. I did practice gently laying it on the pavement & picking it up, when I was working with an instructor as part of physical therapy last fall. No known damage; they don't get much cleaner or more pristine than this outside the showroom. It spent some time stored outdoors with a previous owner, but has been garage-kept since I've owned it.

You may be asking yourself, "This is a pretty sweet Wee, why are you selling it?"

I bought it last fall, when I was recovered enough to start riding again, after the crash that ruined my entire summer (see above). I felt comfortable with Vstroms because a 2007 DL1000 was the only other motorcycle I'd ever owned. The DL650 seemed like a good choice, as it's lighter than the DL1000, also newer DL1000 prices were crazynuts at the time.

In recent months, I talked myself into becoming a Yamaha FJR-1300ES owner, partly thanks to this forum. I do not have a big enough garage for both FJR and this Vstrom, plus car, plus SO's Vstrom, so this one has to go. I hardly ride this DL650 any more, and that's a shame. The FJR is plain better for 2-up, so that's what we ride, when we ride together. I can't stand to see a motorcycle neglected, so the Wee needs a new owner. Maybe that can be you.

These images are all reduced in size from original, so as not to sock the mobile users with super slow loading/run through their data instantly. I can post the original-size versions upon request. If you want to do a VIN check, let me know and I can post that information.