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Been down this road before and it's confusing..... and, what are you going to do with the paint code......
The description of the nose cowl and saddlebag lids says MDPBM1 or perhaps DPBM1, but confirm that is the paint code with your dealer.... I don't think they can order that paint.
Likely the only source you're going to find is ColorRite, who have their own list of numerical codes.
Other options, go to local automotive paint supply and have them scan a part you take with you. They can likely make up a spray can for you to try.
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and IIRC, the code from Colorite is THEIR color code and nothing you can go to paint store XYZ and say " I need a spray can of 12345 please".
Over the years, I've had better luck with the auto paint store with the scanner, just as Ray posted.
Few years back, that paint store got kick of the Yamaha "macho maroon" for the XS1100.
Plus a whole lot less than the $40 for the can of Colorite stuff.
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