For sale is the original top case rack/support/aka "carrier" thingy off my 2015 FJR-1300ES. To be clear: this is not the upgraded aluminum rack you can also get from Yamaha, it's the stock plastic one.

Probably the exact same part for the FJR-1300A of same year, but check with Yamaha if unsure.

It's painted in Liquid Graphite (sparkly dark gray), like the rest of the bike. I don't need it because previous owner installed the "good" Shad top case rack, the one with metal tube arms that keeps the rear subframe from cracking. I don't see myself getting rid of the Shad 58x, or riding without a top case very often, so I'd like to find a new home for the OEM rack.

Price (now US$50 + 3% for PayPal = US$52) includes shipping anywhere in the US. Now for pitchers:

Terms: Shipping within US included in price. Sold as-is, no returns, refunds, or exchanges. Price in US dollars. Payment via PayPal or USPS money order. If using PayPal, send as "Goods and Services" transaction plus 3% for PayPal fees (US$103 total).

Shipping to Canada possible, but will incur extra fees (PayPal currency conversion = 4%, plus the usual 3% = US$54) plus additional shipping cost - PM me for details if interested.