I recently purchased a 2013 FJR that came with several new OEM Parts. The following are the items for sale.

1) Sold-OEM Front Upper Cowl, PN: 1MC-2835G-00-P2, $100
2) OEM Left Mirror, PN: 3P6-26280-10-P2, $100
3) Sold-OEM Front Brake Lever, PN: 5EA-83922-00-00, $25
4) Sold-OEM Clutch Lever, PN: 5EA-83912-00-00, $30
5) OEM Left Side Cowl, PN: 1MC-2835J-00-P2, $200
6) OEM Left Saddle Bag, PN: 1CY-F8441-T0-00, $300


Thanks, Calen