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I hate to do this chaps, but I am selling my FJR. I just don't have the time to ride it like it was built. Only 6500 miles in a year is shameful. I am going to get something that is better for 50 to 100 mile rides. The FJR is just not the right bike for now.

Looks like 2005 ABS bikes are going for around $10,000, so I have it priced at that. I will take and post pictures this weekend.

2005 FJR ABS

6,500 miles

4-Year YES warranty expires 6/2010

Oil Changes:
20 miles
500 miles
3500 miles
6000 miles

Diff oil changed
6000 miles

1500 miles on front and back Bridgestone BT020’s

Farkles (additions):
Tacki-grip touring grips.
Vista-Cruise throttle lock
Powerlet outlet installed on the right side fairing
Lenkadapter – adjustable handlebar risers
Yamaha Tall Windscreen + stock screen
Moko – sliders (no fairing cutting)
Magnum Blaster horns with Randy’s custom relay
Cromeit heat fix to the left side and heat insulation in the fairing and under the tank

My bikes are always in my garage at home and even when I ride to work in a garage at work. I have owned and ridden bikes for a long time, so my bikes are very well cared for. As you can see, I changed the oil during the break in period and just did at 6000. I have also put a few things on the FJR to make it that much better.


Located in Omaha and will help arrange delivery.

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