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Keith it was great to see you again and nice catching up, look forward to seeing you again somewhere soon.

This is the link to my 63 photos. and a few of my fav's are below.

Sorry I admit I took the car as I was still in pain after hurting myself at Whitby. Didn't realise it matched the tent so well it nearly blended in. :lol: :roll:

The campsite

Richie, our organiser for the weekend.

Martyn Woods


Mrs Nemo describes ........

Saturday before the rideout

Richie leads the way.

Pope & Jo follow

As does FJ111200

The nemos are next to come along

Then tonto

Sid & Diane tag along too

Mitch, then Pete Metcalf

A 1st timer

Orestes joins the back

Martyn brings up the rear (to pardon the pun)

The BBQ Saturday night

The chef

The chef's taster

Pope & Jo waiting for the scraps

Please sir can I have some more

Don't forget to check out all 63 photos here.

Sorry I didn't manage to get any from the Sunday meeting but I think if I'd have taken any more then I'd have been linched.
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