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Well, won't be ticking anymore...

Here's my story:
Sold my R1100RT in March and got myself a 04 FJR ABS with 20,000km's
Wow! what a change, Love the bike!
After riding my bike for 3,000K, I taught I could hear the valves ticking when engine was real warm. Mentionned this to a few rider friends and they couldn’t hear anything wrong...
Well, I wasn't crazy after all.
Brought it to the dealer a few days ago and left it there for them to check. Service manager said he never heard of any problem with the FJR.
Thanks to this board, I knew how to handle this problem and explained to him what I taught my prolem was.
It is currently apart engine is off the bike. They are sending out the head , changing all exaust valves , valve guides etc...
I won't see the bike for another 10 days :-(
Good news is that Yamaha will pick up the bill.
Apparently, according to the service manager, when he contacted Yamaha Canada about this to see if they would cover it, they asked for the serial number, Mine apparently was in a range that was known to have the ticking problem and was approved for repair according to my serial number. When the bike comes back, I will post that serial number.

Louis from Montreal
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