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Has anyone tried using one of these or know anything about them.
I seen it on Ebay and was thinking of trying it out.
Here is a link to it:,1&item=4640944120&sspagename=STRK:MEWA:IT

Here is what the ad says about it:

This little chip can do almost magic with its circuit. Test Your chip anytime to experience the result. Installation is easy no special tools or expertise required.
You can gain +10-15 additional HP, and extremely dynamic acceleration by upto 15 % depending on stock engine performance.
We gain additional power without any consequence in relation to the smooth engine running. Original ECU program is in process, but the signal of MAGNUM oxygen sensor powerchip is cheating it in each microsecond delivering higher horsepower, torque and acceleration as well. We can only feel a refreshed engine, horribly dynamic acceleration without any flat pots.

Improves engine output by as much as 10 %.
Enhance Nm, throttle response, acceleration and low end torque.
Preserves smog certification.
Pushes up acceleration and dynamism by upto 15 %.
Results higher top speed.
Long duration - 10 years warranty.
Easy universal 10 minutes installation.
Bypass can be connected for perfect test.
Immediate effect even during driving, no ECU learning period.
Reduces flat spots or delay time when you pull the throttle.

The device modifies voltage signals, as if the exhaust gas would be fuel-poor. ECU let more fuel to the injectors while the mass of free air is the same. Thus we can influence the mixture adjustment gaining more power, enhancing the efficiency of combustion and saving fuel. This add-on simulator device delivers fuel-poor sign to the ECU, besides a limit value control is incorporated to avoid overflow and underflow.

We improve the power slightly at the expense of emission.

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Uh, Chrisk7... you're not the snake oil salesman, are you?

Sorry, but 1st posts about pure BS products always sound like someone doing self-promotion... which is fine, honestly represented, but ya gotta pay the site owner for an ad.

If you're a regular joe, these chips appear to be snake oil. 15 extra HP don't come that easy unless you find a disconnected plug wire.

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