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Picked up the lovely #000012 Sat and have ridden a grand total of 100 miles. Not too much time in the saddle but enough to get a good feel for this wonderful bike. I'm so glad I chose this over the ST. Every bit as smooth as the ST, but better handling and nearly perfect suspension. Had fun bedding in the brakes! Seat comfort is good, and my pillion likes it. Windshield is much improved, tho I will likely want a bit more coverage for distance touring. Pillion needs back support ... easily fixed. Gotta figure out how to adjust the bars. A bit of wrist pain, but then I need to relearn my riding skills and proper positioning. May possibly need helibars or MCLs, but I'll ride it a bit more and play with the adjustments first. Wish it had a bit more seat to peg distance, but I think I'll adapt. It really is very comfortable and scary fast.

I have the mpg bug. Don't care. 42 mpg so far. Very happy camper.
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