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  1. Bikes & Parts For Sale - USA
    Corbin Driver's seat for sale. If you need a little more reach to the ground, this seat is just the ticket! To install, you remove the 2-level seat adjuster bracket, then place the Corbin directly on the frame. This lowers the seat and mounts it very solidly to the bike. Corbin seats are...
    $300 USD
  2. Bikes & Parts For Sale - USA
    Corbin seat with backrest. $350.00 plus shipping. This was on the bike when I purchased it and the original was included. Being a taller dude, I switched it out for the stock seat since I can adjust up the height on it (the Corbin only works in the lower setting and is kinda built for a...
    $350 USD
  3. Bikes & Parts For Sale - USA
    I am selling my stock seats on eBay. They are in excellent condition. If interested visit Yamaha FJR 1300 Rider & Passenger Seat | eBay
  4. General Chat
    Hi, first post here! I am looking at purchasing a modified 2011 seat with gel insert. Will it fit a 2014? Thanks
  5. Bikes & Parts For Sale - USA
    Hi fellow FJR riders. I have a Gen III FJR and have spent 3-4 hours riding on the stock seat without a lot of discomfort, but wished for something that didn't have me shifting around as much. I love the idea of an after mark seat, but working as a full time missionary (since 1993), I don't have...
    $1 USD
  6. Bikes & Parts For Sale - USA
    Yamaha OEM seats $150 $125 plus shipping Fits gen 2/3/4. Selling both seats as a set. Will ship the cheapest ground option and provide a copy of the receipt. I bought these from another forum member and never used them, and for other reasons most likely never will. Perfect if you are looking...
    $125 USD
  7. FJR Central
    So I just picked up a 2009 FJR1300 because I was getting tired of commuting on my R6; bike is smooth as a glass dildo. I put on a set of Rosso IV's right away and the bike handles amazing. Can't believe how light it feels (even coming from daily commuting on an R6). I'm ordering a set of highway...
  8. Sold Laam seat.

    Bikes & Parts For Sale - USA
    For sale like new Laam custom seats. Front and rear seats. The seats are in top notch condition. I bought it for my 2013 FJR and they were perfect. I put them on once to try and that was it. They were so comfortable. I was saving them for a long trip that never happened. I sold the bike and now...
    $400 USD
  9. Bikes & Parts For Sale - USA
    Hi All. I have a Corbin seat that did not solve my sitz bone issues. I'm looking to try something different. Anyone have something to trade that I haven't tried yet? I'd sell for around $300 if you want it. Please don't post regarding Russell Day Longs. Not interested. Not looking to be...
  10. Bikes & Parts For Sale - USA
    Perfect condition, both front and rear, red welt. The front seat has open cell foam installed by Corbin for a softer more plush feel. $375 + shipping or free pick up in Tennessee. Reference from Corbin, Corbin's rider seat offers improved ergonomics that gives proper weight distribution. This...
1-10 of 10 Results