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  1. FJR Technical
    Hello all, I am in the middle of purchasing my second FJR. I'm buying an FJR that has been lowered by the PO and would like to regain use of the Centerstand. It comes with a set of Soupy's lowering links. Can the lowering links be adjusted to the FJR's original height? Or, would I do better to...
  2. FJR Parts & Servicing
    Hi all, My rear suspension is gone on my bike after a trip across Canada, I need to fix it, but there is nothing, like nothing around here used or jobber. New from YAMAHA is insanely expensive. I've checked Bandit and other oem parts, its super expensive too, I have around 500$ CAD budget...
  3. FJR Technical
    I have a gen 1 and I have put some money into it and I kinda want to keep it for 1-2 season more, but the rear suspension is getting to smooth and a bit scary in fast corners. I live in Montreal, nobody have aftermarket parts, mayybe I can find used one on Ebay, but how can I know it is not as...
  4. FJR Parts & Servicing
    I'm looking at replacing the rear shock on my 2012. I weigh 175 without gear, I typically run both sadles and a top bag with a few pounds of extra crap so let's say about 195-200lb all in. 99% solo riding, pillion is 115, and rare. Riding is probably 80% commuting with aggressive...
1-4 of 4 Results