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  1. FJR Technical
    Hi. I'm trying to find out if it is possible to install a top box (givi preferably) on a 2018 ex police bike with all the normal ex police stuff attached? Cheers in advance
  2. Bikes & Parts For Sale - USA
    Howdy all, I’m selling my 2015 FJR 1300. I own a modded 2013 FJR that I’m keeping. Both bikes are awesome! So at 57 years old, and a Connecticut resident, I decided I wanted to ride those beautiful California canyons that we all drool over in motorcycle mags/social media/ and forums. I was...
    $7,995 USD
  3. Bikes & Parts For Sale - USA
    I am looking to buy an FJR in or near Michigan if the price is right. I’d like a 2013+, but if the price is right I’d even look at something a little older. Please feel free to PM me any information if you or someone you know is looking to sell. Thank you in advance!
  4. Bikes & Parts For Sale - USA
    Selling CERTIFIED. FJR ES 1300 ABS. Matt Silver. Givi-Trunk/passenger back rest. Canyon Cages engine and saddle bag guards. Yamaha shop manual with OBD II reader connector. NO DROPS, original mature owner. Reg 5k oil service with Mobile 1 syn. Has abs/traction control/cruise/power windshield...
    $10,800 USD
  5. Bikes & Parts For Sale - USA
    2004 Yamaha FJR1300 ABS – Good Condition 108,634 Miles Bike is routinely on a Tender. Starts immediately even when off tender for multiple days. Tires have plenty of life left (only 4000 miles used on a set of Michelin PR2’s). Bike run well, shifts through all gears without slop (typical...
  6. General Chat
    Greetings to All. I had the opportunity to visit the Yamaha Demo Days at Pittsburgh International Race Course (which did have the Racing action going on also.) What impressed me were the sheer number of Bikes that were ridden in for the day, looked like several hundred lined up in neat, orderly...
  7. General Chat
    The paint work is coming along well, should have all of the paint finished in the next few days and have it back together next week. If anyone wants to ever strip an fjr completely i would not recommend it..what a pain. The colours I went for are pearlesent white and candy apple blue pearl...
1-7 of 7 Results