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  1. FJR Technical
    I tried changing the clutch fluid only to find that the last mechanic had over tightened the screws. I put some Liquid Wrench on and walked away. No help. Now I've nearly stripped one and actually stripped the other. Looking for 1 suggestions for removing the stripped screws 2 replacement...
  2. FJR Technical
    I have an '08 with 80k+ miles. The takeup or play is almost gone; I have to hold the lever almost to the bar to get clutch free. I have flushed / bled the system (I think I did it OK), and checked the lever adjustments with no success. Anything else I can look to for adjustment or is it a...
  3. FJR Technical
    I found a useful post from Uncle Fester that described a problem with respect to the RPM at which the clutch engages on the FJR 1300. If the setting is not optimal, you will experience clutch chatter when the bike tries to switch between gears. On my FJR this chatter is quite violent until the...
1-3 of 3 Results