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  1. General Chat
    Picked up new turn and brake lights for my 1st gen this week off of Amazon. These led lights are much brighter and use less power. The turn signals are 1156 bulbs and brake lights are 1157. Additionally when you apply the brake lights the fash 3 times and then stay on! The turn signals do flash...
  2. FJR Technical
    I've done the best searching I can do but have not found a step-by-step for changing the brake fluid. I bought a mightyvac, am familiar with it and the concept but I keep reading "pump the ABS (how?)", "do this nipple first"... Surely Shirley there must be step-by-step instructions somewhere. TIA
  3. FJR Parts & Servicing
    Hi, has anyone used Kyoto seals in their brake calipers? Are they decent? I’ve contacted various dealers who offer ‘OEM’ quality replacements but these are generally TRK or similar aftermarket so I thought Kyoto make good bearings so that might be the best option.
1-3 of 3 Results