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  1. FJR Technical
    I would like to redirect searchers for this topic to my post in the forum to my post-thread: ABS malfunction code 41 I found a serious problem, and solving! in this matter wich concerns all ABS-bike riders out there! Found out there was a much bigger problem than code 41 (wich also was...
  2. FJR Technical
    Hi everyone! Anybody out there have a clue, and could help me out? Gone through all posts but I can´t seem to find this specific problem. FJR -06, 100.000 km / 65.000 M code 41 ABS lamp sometimes flashing, sometimes constant lit and yet sometimes out!!?? System is definately out when I do...
  3. FJR Parts & Servicing
    After much searching, I have located a source for the elusive ABS Test Adapter: But bring your wallet, with shipping from England to the US it cost about $32. (shipping cost more than the harness!) It was shipped via DHL...
1-3 of 3 Results