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General Information

FSC600A6 Silver Wing (ABS)
Bought as my learning bike - no clutch and no gear shifting - in 2010 with 10,500 miles on it for $3800. Guy was so happy to get asking he threw in Lots of useful extra gear including new tires, boots that fit wonderfully, and a rear seat bag that taught me what good gear means to usability.
- Changed tires due to dry rot, not wear.
- Changed oil and drive fluid right away and again at 4K.
- Changed belt at 16,500. Getting ready to change fluids again at 18,600. (Service interval it 8000 miles).
- Check at dealer at 17K - he said he changed the spark plug as requested. I said it's a twin. Grrrr....
- Lots of plastic and it rattles - adding foam to kill rattles is part of any maintenance. :)

Used to get 51 mpg but now get 41 mpg - I now ride it with a heavy hand and at 70-80+ mph for half of my commute. Just keeping up with DC traffic.

Great bike that will do 95 on the speedometer with RPM left over. What am I doing going 95 on a maxi scooter?
2006 Honda FSC600A6 Silver Wing (ABS) (Blue)



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