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Conversation Between Bill Lumberg and sector7g
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  1. Bill Lumberg
    01-15-2018 11:26 AM - permalink
    Bill Lumberg
    I’ve read of others adding blocks to a heli. I only run a heli, with the extension. I’d buy it again at twice the price.
  2. sector7g
    01-12-2018 10:58 AM - permalink
    Bill, I saw you posted in the double risers section and wanted to ask.
    Are you actually running 2 sets of Helibars? Your post said you hadn't needed to change hoses (I assume this is after adding the helibar extension brake line?), and have no problems with the 2 plates?
    I'm seriously considering as I've got less length in my arms and am leaning forward a bit more that I want. Was there any other installation issues, or was it actually as simple as just installing the second plate on the first?
    Thanks ~ I really haven't seen/heard anyone with a newer bike and 2 sets.

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