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Conversation Between RaYzerman and Mount Rainier
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  1. Mount Rainier
    05-08-2018 08:53 PM - permalink
    Mount Rainier
    Hi again Ray. Please disregard my last PM except for the "Thank You" part. I was discussing my frustration with my wife and she went out looking for the white paint. I told her it was supposed to be on the adjustment screw. Before I could show her what the adjustment screw looked like she says "You mean this white paint?" pointing to what you see in the attached pic.

    Now I know it's not near the adjustment screw but it worked for me and I adjusted 2,3and 4 to #1. The one with the white paint.......

    Thanks for listening to Ray.

    BTY, The NHL playoffs have been outstanding this year. Hope you're enjoying them as much as we are. How about those Golden Knights?!

    Keep Going!

    Jim Carroll

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