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  1. TooManyBikes
    07-21-2018 05:04 PM - permalink
    Hi Ray,

    Prompted by your note that you were looking for a right side case, I posted one for free on http://www.fjrforum.com/forum//index...ing/?p=1401393

    Hope you are first in line!

  2. Mount Rainier
    05-08-2018 08:53 PM - permalink
    Mount Rainier
    Hi again Ray. Please disregard my last PM except for the "Thank You" part. I was discussing my frustration with my wife and she went out looking for the white paint. I told her it was supposed to be on the adjustment screw. Before I could show her what the adjustment screw looked like she says "You mean this white paint?" pointing to what you see in the attached pic.

    Now I know it's not near the adjustment screw but it worked for me and I adjusted 2,3and 4 to #1. The one with the white paint.......

    Thanks for listening to Ray.

    BTY, The NHL playoffs have been outstanding this year. Hope you're enjoying them as much as we are. How about those Golden Knights?!

    Keep Going!

    Jim Carroll

  3. Bob Collings
    04-04-2018 10:43 AM - permalink
    Bob Collings
    Heya...I grew up in Stoney Creek and on Beach Blvd. in Hamilton...I went to Georgian College in Barrie, then Sheridan College in Oakville, lived in Toronto for about 10 yrs.. I terrorized the back roads of southern ontario on a series of RD350’s so I know your area pretty well...see you in Nakusp!
  4. kej1953
    07-01-2017 09:02 AM - permalink
    RaYzerman , could you tell me where you wired in the STS turn signal box. I looked at your post and I can see the white/ yellow for the right signal. The white/ blue for the left signal. It looks like you used the blue/red for the flasher. I know where to get a ground. Can you tell me where you tied into for the switched acc connection? Thanks,
  5. Madmudder
    07-10-2016 07:51 AM - permalink
    Crap that sucks, well when you get it all taken care of give me a call and let me know how the trip went. The cell phone story alone is one I have to hear.
    Are you going to NERDS?
  6. Madmudder
    07-08-2016 09:34 AM - permalink
    Hey Ray,
    You back in town yet? I tried calling but it says your phone is out of service. Did you fall off the grid?
  7. RaYzerman
    04-09-2016 07:11 PM - permalink
    I had a heck of a time getting the pins out too, but somehow I did it. I think I clamped the pin in a vice.... anyway, you still have that option.

    I put the Helibar Bridge on, and they move the bars waaaaaay back... 1.5", plus you get a lot of rotational adjustability. Cost me $200 US from a buddy who bought but did not install. The bad news is you can no longer raise the tank, must remove the back tank bolt to get it out. Also, the bars now hit my tank bag, but I'm OK (I think) having the bars rotated fully forward (they are still back 1.5"). Will try that for a while and see.

    I haven't done my Seat Concepts thing yet..... no rush as I have a Russell.
  8. Little Joe
    04-08-2016 08:20 PM - permalink
    Little Joe

    I modified the bars slightly at my friends shop in Florida during March.( put 5600km on the bike).!!
    If you know anyone who has a C14 they need to get his flash. Totally transforms bike in a very good way.( (shoodabenengineering.com)

    I was not able to get pins out but I drilled the furthest back holes very slightly oversized (two bit sizes up)(can't remember exact size now).
    When I reinstalled bars I held bars to most forward movement in holes and retorqued. I gained like 2 or 3 deg at bar ends and just enough to take the pain out of wrists. Worked out really well.
    I would really like to see your bar setup sometime (I had helibars on my Concours for years and remember they were 500US way back....so I feel your pain)

    With the slight bar adjust and the seatconcepts seat ( not perfect buy WAY better than stock) 1000km days very doable now.

    Congrats on the bike

  9. RaYzerman
    02-10-2016 09:59 PM - permalink
    Sorry Steve, I missed your message until now........ I had done the opposite, I rotated my bars back, but no reason you couldn't do the same forward..... I'd have to take the covers off to see how the slots are.........
    All I did was pull out one of the positioning pins in the bottom of the handlebar, and this will allow it to pivot on the other remaining pin. The pins can be hard to get out, but a good pair of vice grips might do it, or put it in a vice and tap the handlebar...... no worries if you want to put the pin back in or try switching which pin you leave in, OR, pulling both pins...... the trick here is making both sides the same. I would recommend risers, which also have pins, but at least you can judge the position a bit better..... maybe use some painters tape first to mark a reference........

    If that doesn't work for you, you might want to consider the Helibars riser plate.... expensive, brings the bars way back, gives rotational adjustment.... did I mention expensive
  10. Little Joe
    02-09-2016 09:45 PM - permalink
    Little Joe
    Got a question for you....

    I recall somewhere reading about 3rd gen bar handle bar adjustment, and that you had changed angle.

    So I have moved my bars a couple of times and now at rear most position. I would like to rotate the bar ends slightly forward (probably about one hole(1/4")??

    If you do this I assume you have to remove at least one of the locating pins and not reinstall as well as either bore the slot slightly wider to allow pivot and reinstall of secondary (cable holder bolt). OR do you think the one main bolt torqued to spec is enough??

    May attempt this when I get to Florida, and seek a little advice in this regard if you have infact tinkered with this before.


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