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What's Up With These Tires?

First of all I don't want this to be a tire bashing thread. I truly hope to get positive responses that offer something of value to me and others interested. I am just not happy with the terrible wear I am getting with these Road 4 GT's, am hoping to get others opinions and experiences with them, and what others recommend and use. These have just under 6000 miles on them and as you can see the wear bars are already flush with the tread. I know tires are like oil but I come here like most of us to find out good information and that is why I decided to post this. This also is not meant to bash Michelin as I have a set of Pilot Road 5's on my Z900 and they have been great as seen in the second photo. Granted the miles are not the same on the two but the tread depth was much deeper than the GT's to start with. When I bought the FJR I wanted the Pilot 5's since they were so good on the Z but the dealer told me that the load of the FJR was too great for them. He said the GT's were the absolute best for the bike so I followed his recommendation.

I ride mostly in the SC NC mountains and only take the straight slab to get there so it is not like I am touring on the interstate wearing down the middle tread. I run around 41 pounds in the rear. I wish I could judge the fronts wear as well but that tire was changed under warranty as the original was out of round and caused a wobble even after I installed tapered bearings. Tire replaced, wobble gone.

I had 2 Goldwings before the FJR and they can eat tires alive due to their weight but I never got less than 9 to 10K, sometimes more on those bikes. Dunlops are probably the most popular tire for the Wings but I usually ran Bridgestones as they offered a good balance of grip and wear.

I would really like to get some good feedback from others here. Normal wear? Man I hope not. If so then terrible dealer recommendation. What tires do others think give you that balance of grip and wear like the Stones I have had in the past. Thanks to all that respond.

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6000 miles? That's OK. I never get more than that with any tire on any bike, and I have been riding continuously for 53 years. The secret to tire life is in your right hand, less throttle, more tire life, less fun. You have to decide which is more important.
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I have about 8500 miles on my rear PR4 (don't remember if it is the GT). Judging from the wear indicators, I estimate that I have at least another 6000 miles left.

I got nearly 12000 miles out of my non-GT, non-EVO T30. Estimate I had about a thousand miles left before hitting the wear indicators.

I suspect that I am easier than average on tires. I also suspect my brake pads will last longer than average.
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I'm not surprised, I got the same wear and mileage from several sets of Michelin Pilot Road series tires. I quit running them long ago except one that came one a spare rim I bought. I didn't like it then even when it was free.

You may want to consider moving to a harder center, dual compound tire. They hold up better for me. I can usually get about 10k from the front with a Pilot Power 2CT. I didn't like the PP3, went back to the 2CT. A Rikken Raptor car tire solves the problem in the rear.
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I have run a few PR4 (non-GT) rears, and I use them as my benchmark to judge other tires. IMHO, they have a great blend of grip and wear, translate soft enough to grip under all conditions. I would think they are good for what you're doing, lots of curvy roads and twisties. They do not wear like iron, and IMHO you should stick with that amount of grip.
You will hear some get great mileage and others that get less... I will never get the mileage JohnC gets, yet I will likely get about what you get. I also run my pressures 41-42 front, 42-44 rear, and the wear is quite even and I'd like to think they last a bit longer due to less heat build-up.
I don't use a PR4 front, I don't like the tread pattern particularly so I mostly run a Metzeler Z6.
Next set try the T-31's, from all I hear, a good all around tire, Bridgestones have stiffer sidewalls, so wear should be decent... I am experimenting now with others, haven't tried those yet. Just ran two sets of Roadsmart3's, which are a little harder, good in the hotter dry weather, but I still prefer the PR4 over them. The PR4's are a more expensive tire also... Angel GT a bit softer, Avon Spirit might be good.
All you can do is try a different set and use your mileage numbers which are based on your riding style and conditions. As they say, YMMV.
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There is no such tire as a Michelin Pilot Road 5.

There is no load rating difference between Michelin GT-rated tires and non-rated. Nor Bridgestone. Nor Pirelli A-spec. Keep forgetting the Metzeler term but load rating is exactly the same. The difference is only in how the tire is tuned. Dunlop doesn’t play thus game, no “heavy tourer” tuned tires.

Those who are happy with Michelin Road 5 tires are few and far between.

6,000 on that tire? Looks to have 2,000-3,000 remaining. But this seems to be your first set of tires on FJR so it is too early to establish a trend.
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I just put a PR4 GT on my Superduke only because it was all I could get spur of the moment. I was on a three day trip and it did not look like I would make it home on the current tire. I also ran a set of R5s on my FJR. The R5 gave me over 10,000 for me on the rear, which shattered my previous record, but the front had other problems.

The PR4 GT I put on my Superduke only has about 800 miles on it, but it shows no indication of bad wear.
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My only Michelin experience (i’m Cheap) is the front PR4 that is on my 14a and like Ray I really didn’t care for the tread pattern which was quite noisey initially to the point that I talked to the dealer about removing it but but due to job & home commitments couldn’t get back to the dealer for over a week. This time allowed me to accumulate miles and the tire quieted right down. In my opinion I think all the radial sipes and the sharp leading edges were the cause of the noise. Added miles rounded the leading edge of the sipes about the time they got quiet.

Anyway that tire has been on the bike for a while now and is pushing around 14k miles and appears to have quite a bit more left in it. Things that I don’t like about it was the initial cost which was way more (about 3x) the Shinko 009 it replaced that was supposedly the cause of my serious head shake (it wasn’t) and will go back on once I wear the Michelin out.

Another thing I don’t like is that the tire is a very soft riding tire, almost squishy feeling which I think contributed to the initial noise that went away.

Things I like are that the tire works well in the rain which it has seen a light drizzle to a toad strangler down pour. It also is a very consistent handler once you get used to the soft feeling and I run 40-42psi in it. Also gotta love the mileage since the oe “stone” only went 6300mi before being bald.

Will I buy another ? Simply I don’t know, once the Michelin actually wears out I will put the Shinko 009 that was replaced as the headshake problem back on the bike and run it till it wears out, it has about 1000mi on it and doubt that it’ll ever equal the miles of the Michelin and by that time Michelin May have a pr10 GT by then... we’ll see then.

By the way here in nw Indiana things are predominately super slab riding with only a few twisty rides around.

As an aside the Shinko Verge II I put on the back last fall has is wearing more than I think it should
(Heavy right hand! ) and if it goes 6-7000mi i’ll Be surprised as the harder center is showing more wear than I think it should, but in all honesty I only paid about $80 for it (i’mcheap) and other than the wear seems to work well. Anyway that’s my thoughts on my pr4 tire, hope it helps. Even if it’s a Pilot-Road !
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I run almost nothing but PR4GT tires. I get longer life out of them than anything else Iíve tried, though, to be fair, I didnít leave the road 5 on long enough to wear it out. I changed it probably 1,000 miles from done due to scheduling.

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I just got back from my local dealer/service department and they said the new Road 5 GT is out, link below. It is the same tire I really like on my Z900 with that very deep tread pattern. Supposedly the side wall went from radial to bias ply so it now can handle the weight of bikes like the FJR. The dealer says Michelin claims, for what is it worth, that a 5GT after 3500 miles will have the same tread depth as a new 4GT. I am leaving skid marks to have it put on and will provide thoughts going forward.


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