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Question FJR Comfortable on Long Rides?

Hi all,

I currently have a Boulevard M50 (800cc Cruiser) and am thinking about getting an FJR. I test-rode one last week & was surprised by the Sport-like position - pegs/shifter up & back (compared to my cruiser anyway) and some amount of body weight supported on handle bars.

So my question is - can this position be comfortable for 4+hrs of riding? I know from experience that this position is NOT comfortable on a road bicycle; hands go numb, shoulders get stiff, etc.
I can see how the FJR would be a hoot zipping back-n-forth to work but I'm leery about longer rides which is what I'm primarily buying it for.

Appreciate any comments/insight.

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Before installing my Helibars, I took my FJR on a 4000+ mile trip which had 8 hr riding days. I could feel it a little in the wrists, but it was not bad. A lot depends on how much you need to lean forward.

With the Helibars, I added grip puppies to ease the vibration on the hands.

IMO I cannot see a Boulevard as comfortable for an all day ride.

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That is what most of us buy the FJR for. I'm on my second FJR and have done many long trips and long days. My disclaimer is that not every bike works for everyone. My observation is that people who first buy Sport Touring bikes immediately want to make changes to the riding position. And while that may wind up being the right thing for some folks, you have to remember that fixing one problem may cause another.

What is the biggest difference between a bicycle and motorcycle? Simple....speed. That speed puts more air pressure under you that takes the pressure off your arms and wrists. Putting a taller windshield on works against that, so many people put on handlebar risers.

I hope I have not just added more confusion to your question. But my answer is that it is extremely comfortable. I had two Goldwings that I only used for two up riding. I hated them because the bolt upright riding position caused me great back pain. So there you have the differences in what works for different folks.
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Yes, they are comfortable with an aftermarket seat. The trick is weight distribution. A sit up and beg posture puts all the weight on your butt. Not the best. With the FJR posture, part of your weight goes to the foot pegs, some goes to the handlebars. A slight forward lean can spread some of the weight to the upper thighs, thereby spreading the weight to a wider area.
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My take on the FJR (just bought a 2007 in late august)is a comfortable smooth ride for about 150 miles and then my knees start hurting and need another spot to place my feet...when im bye myself which is almaost never I put them on passenger pegs and im good for another hunded….that being said I love the comfort speed ride and miles I can go with refueling....ive rideen and own rigid Harleys and swing arm Harleys that all have a purpose and love them all the id get one and ride the **** out of it JMO...ive put 1250 miles on it so far and my average seat time goes between 4 and 6 hours or 200 miles 2 up riding,did a search and found people are putting on engine guards with highway pegs....just do it haha
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My SIL rides a M50 but has never ridden my FJR.
I have however ridden hers.
Because of back issues, I can barely get off a cruiser after a 30 min ride , and the pain lingers for a couple of days.

If your arms are not strong, or your midriff muscles not in shape, you will initially find the FJR tiring. The more, and longer you ride will let your body adapt to the new position.
After you ride a few thousand miles, then decide what you might change.
Risers are better for some, but will then require a windshield upgrade.
For me, getting rid of the sandpaper like friction seatcover material with a seat concepts foam and smooth cover made the most dramatic change.
The more you move and “ride” the bike in corners, rather than parking your butt on the seat (like interstates), the more comfortable you will be.

600km on two lane roads is very attainable for multiple days. 800km days are very doable , but multiple days start to take a higher toll.

You will enjoy riding the FJR rather than sitting on the C50 after an adaptation period . Good luck.

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I guess depends on what you're used to. For some comparison though, go sit on a modern sportbike, e.g. R1, GSXR1000, etc. You'll see that in comparison, the FJR position is bolt upright with your feet under you such that you can take weight off your butt for big bumps a la RR tracks. I compare the position to sitting at a picnic table with my feet under me and elbows on the table. Very comfortable long distance position to me but to each his/her own.

That said, you'll see a ton of people on here proposing bar risers and GoldWing style seats so there are of course mods that can be made. Me, if I was looking to purchase a bike and wanted a GW I'd just buy a GW instead of buying an FJR and spending another grand to make it like a GW. But that's just me.

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highway pegs help so you can change positions on long trips.
Seat needs to be changed or modified for long distance
4 hours is short, 8+ hours is long distance.
I also have heli bars that came with the bike.

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I've got 71k miles total among 3 FJRs (1x gen 1, 2x gen 2) all with stock seat and bars. Around 4 trips of 1 week and 2500 miles, 6k and 5k mile 2 week trips, bunch of 700 mile days, etc. Just saying it's a personal thing. I would not like risers, bars are borderline too tall as is imho. After a seat gets 5+ years on it though, it could use some refreshed foam.

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Comfort is personal so for me, the FJR is NOT as comfortable as my 03 Goldwing or my 98 Yamaha Royal Star. But I took the same long trips on the FJR that I had previously taken on those bikes and did just fine. I have an RDL seat and I had bar risers on my '13 FJR but not now on my '18. Both were comfortable for me. For reference, I am 6'0", with long trunk and short legs, 31" inseam. I can't go on long trips anymore for other reasons but not because of comfort. And I have never ridden two-up on the FJR, solo only.
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