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Closer to pulling the trigger

The 1800 Goldwing with a barely broken in 212,000 km is gone and next to go is the Kawi Ninja 1000. Down to a short list of two bikes to replace the two being the FJR and BMW RT. As always there are some lingering doubts and thoughts. My wife said her riding days are over so I am moving away from two bikes to one do all bike. I loved the Wing for overall comfort and decent performance. I loved the N1K for the hooligan factor.

1. Looking at the ergos for my body size the FJR sitting position is close to the N1K in lean, hip and knee angles, so not Wing territory comfort, but maybe a seat better than 3 out of 10.

2. While not N1K it is definitely more sporty than the Wing. No bike is absolutely perfect, but with time and mods it will get closer to the 'right stuff'.
3. It is over 100 pounds heavier than the N1K and about 150 pounds lighter than the Wing. So straight line performance will be about 75% between the two favouring the N1K. EG 0 to 100km/hr is about 3.3 seconds?

4. What is the speedometer error? Assuming at least 6% has anyone tried a 190/55 series rear tire to have the speedometer read closer to actual speed? It is a heavy bike so I assume everyone is using the heavy weight spec on the tire of choice. What should I expect for milage on front and rear tires?
5. Has a high torque engine so will it be comfortable coasting through a small town at 50 km in 6th gear and accelerate back up to highway speeds without down shifting?
6. Lean angle is favouring the sport side. What speed are you comfortable with doing a highway curve marked at 60 kph? I realize there is a lot of variance in posted speed curves, but there still is a 'norm'. I am looking for 100+ kph. Usually I just take the posted curve speed and double it for the comfort zone. This even worked for the Wing.

7. Sport bikes allow you to slide around on the seat to reduce lean angel at xx speed, while touring bikes keep your butt planted in the same position. Can you slide a butt cheek to one side to minimize lean angle at xx speed?

In short for riding style is it closer to sport or closer to touring? The ultimate bike for me would be the performance of the N1K with the comfort and weather protection of the Wing. From show room and checking forums it would seem to be 75% between the two in perfomce favouring the N1K and maybe 50% in comfort. I can live with that.

Oh relevant factors. 5'7", 165 lb, 30 " inseam and 67 years old.

All insights are appreciated.
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I have had both the RT and the FJR. The RT provided better wind protection, and had more low end torque. The FJR has nothing approaching the quiet pocket of the RT.

My RT broke down and required time in the shop an average of a month a year. I have over 100,000 miles across two FJRís and only had one issue they required a warranty repair.

If the RT was as reliable as the FJR, Iíd be riding one. They happen to be at opposite ends of the reliability spectrum. As a high mileage rider, I canít abide by lack of reliability.

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Sounds to me like you should consider a Versys 1000- much like the N1K, nowhere as ponderous as the GW and 150 lbs. lighter than the FJR but lacking some of the FJR's amenities like cruise control and the electric shield. If you're not concerned about a passenger, to me, the '15-18 V1K is the near perfect, all around do it all bike. Had my daughter liked the passenger accomodations better, I'd be riding an V1K right now, not the FJR.
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I am on my 4th FJR with many bikes in between and always go back to the FJR, including an RT before this one. RT is nice, has more bells and whistles but I will never get rid of my '18 FJR. (It drives my wife crazy)

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I'm about to pull the trigger too.
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How about the BMW K1600? I test ride one and it was awesome, though for some reason my wife found it less comfortable than the FJR. I thought it was more comfortable, and a better riding position, but couldnít buy it when the missus wasnít keen!
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I only have just over 40,000 km’s of seat time on my 2015 ES which I bought new back in July I’m a relative newb with the FJR...but I’ll provide my thoughts anyway.
1. Compared to a GW (I’ve briefly ridden an 06 and an 18 ) you’re not quite as upright, but the knee angle is the biggest difference...that’s my only minor gripe with the FJR...a bit higher seat to open up the knee angle would be the only thing I’d have wished for with the ergos.
2. For me, other than the aforementioned knee angle, the stock windscreen above halfway up created intolerable buffeting. I’m 5’-10”. I added a laminar lip and it made a world of difference. Other than that, to me the bike has pretty much the right stuff, right off the showroom floor.
3. The FJR has more than enough grunt to get you to highway speed...perhaps more than 3, but less than 4 seconds easily.
4. Canadian bikes are known to read about 8% high on the speedo. on my bike 108 km/h indicated is 100 on my gps. I haven’t tried a 190 rear, and I don’t think I would...the bike turns and holds a line perfectly with the stock 180 tire.
5. I can’t speak to the 6speed in top gear, but I “think” the 5 speed will pull cleanly, albeit a bit slowly from city speed in top’s not something I do mind’s just too hard on the engine.
6. For road riding, the FJR has loads of lean angle and can carry more corner speed than is probably sane. I’ve never touched down any hard parts in lots of tight switchbacks. 100+ in a 60 km curve will be no issue whatsoever for the bike...other risk factors aside.
7. The stock seat is wide but flat, no pocket, so easy to move side to side if you really want to.

I toured on a VFR 1200 prior to my FJR and while it was a nice bike, the one and only thing it had over the VFR was a better top end rush. Despite the extra weight, I feel the FJR actually handles better than my VFR did...more composed over mid corner bumps, and more neutral in turns. The range on the FJR is incredible, easily 400+ km, compared to the VFR which had you looking for gas at 200 km and at the roadside dry at about 260 km(ran out of gas 4 times in 2 years on that thing...the main reason why I got rid of it). Add cruise control, an electric windshield, heated grips, low running costs, proven reliability and durability...I can’t think of a better machine for big miles and long term ownership for the money. I thought about the BMW briefly when I bought mine, but at well less than 2/3 of the price new vs the RT, it was an easy choice given all of the other pluses of the yamaha.
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I'll address your points one at a time:

1). The FJR seat is, in fact, rates about your dreaded 3 out of 10; most (including me) change theirs out for an aftermarket seat.

2). The FJR is indeed modded by most...largely ergonomic, so: seat, windshield, and risers.

3). According to the stats I've read, the FJR is rated 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds. I've never tried, but that sounds about right.

4). Speedometer has apparently the typical error; I don't change tires to correct, just do the math in my head, using 10% as an easy guide.

5). 6th gear would not be an appropriate gear for 50km (or 30'ish mph), so not sure why you'd want to do that just to avoid a bit of shifting. The engine's sweat spot is around 3500 rpm, which mean closer to 3rd gear for that speed, I suppose...can't recall off the top of my head where that'd in the rev range. Is it possible to do it in sixth?...I suppose, but I wouldn't recommend it.

6). I don't push corners beyond my comfort, and my comfort is likely different than yours, so difficult to say.

7). See #6; butt sliding isn't in my riding bag of tricks.

8 ). It's sporty but heavy...thus, to my mind, it's more about (spirited) touring than sport. Then again, as a generally conservative rider, it likely has more sport potential than I wring out of it.
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1) I'll disagree with RC85, the stock seat is a solid 2, LOL.
4) Canajans get the big error, while 'Mericans got like 3%
5) Best 5 speed out there IMHO. I have no desire for the 6 speed, hear some complaints about poor shifting and shifting too much, but others love it, so all good with me. The 6 speed is likely just fine. Doesn't matter which FJR you get you're gonna like it. Do it a favour and don't dawdle, keep the revs up and the carbon out of it.

6) The stock seat has a wee crown in it, thus my rating in (1) above, the cover material doesn't let you slide much. Not that you need to. I ride more sport than touring, but I like my Russell and you really won't move too much on it either.
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Having owned both the 5 gear and the 6 gear models, there is no downside to the 6 speed. Except that thereís one more gear to shift to top out. If thats a dealbreaker, you probably need a car. Sixth really isnít suitable until around 60mph. It pulls fine lower, but itís lugging the engine.

The nice thing about sixth is that it lowers your rpmís noticeably at cruising speed. Iím glad they did it. But I was just as happy with the 5 speed.
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