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Fix for leaking oil filters

If you want to use aftermarket oil filters, you need this modification.

Problem: Non OEM oil filter manufacturers have changed the design of their filters in a way that makes them incompatible with the FJR. Specifically, the threaded part of the filter base, which used to be concave, is now convex, so when the filter is installed on an FJR, the threaded base bottoms out on the hex section of the FJR union bolt before the rubber oil ring is adequately compressed. Since the ring does not seal, oil leaks around it.


Finally got a furnace installed in my garage, updated my tooling and worked out the details so I can make a batch of modified union bolts for those who want them.
Cost will be $30, including 1st class USPS in USA. Price includes a new union bolt, so you don't need to send me your old one.

Please order before April 1 (riding season starts and I'll be riding!)

How to order: PM me with your email address and say you want info on the FJR Union Bolt Modification.
You will receive a reply with an order form and instructions.
I have a few of these bolts in stock, that I can ship right away, but am at the mercy of Yamaha parts suppliers if we get into a back-order situation. (This is not a frequently needed replacement part!)

Here are some pics comparing modified and unmodified parts...

Stock union bolt screwed into a new-style "outie" filter.

The problem: Hex part of union bolt is too thick and prevents sealing compression of the rubber sealing ring.

Union bolt before (Left) and after (Right) modification.

Modified union bolt screwed into new-style "outie" filter.

Modified union bolt provides additional clearance needed to compress rubber sealing ring.

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