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Originally Posted by OldButNotDead View Post
Ya know picking which oil filter to use should be easy. It should screw on. It should be the right length and diameter. All the guys on all the forums should say it's great. A few years back I got some K&N's because I liked that 17mm nut. Well I got two in a batch which said they fit the bike but the threads were cut wrong (I'm pretty sure they fixed that.) Then I got some Purolator Ones and put them on four different bikes and had no problems at all. So I see this Bosch D3323 and it does everything but feed me a sandwich during the install. Put it on start the bike and have oil all over the floor. It had the plate with the screw in it installed wrong. Got another and it worked fine. Well I go to put another in. Can't find a "D" anywhere but AutoZone had the 3323's. Put it in, go for a ride and at my first stop, oil on the ground. Not a lot but any is too much. Sounds like construction problems like my first D. Well I wound up paying $6 more than the Bosch for a Mobil 1. AutoZone doesn't have Purolator Ones. Only other one that had that would fit was a Fram. I'd rather cram a rag in the hole than use a Fram. It shouldn't be this hard

good luck with that shotgun approach .....................

never found ANYTHING better than stock oem

many tests not long ago found similar results

lots o marketing & crap out there

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