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Have Toys, Will Travel.

After 46 years of grubbing around in the internal workings of aircraft too numerous to mention, I decided that I had had enough, so I told my boss to stick his job up his ass, and I retired,,, about 6 weeks ago. I ordered myself a new Jayco Basestation, Toyhauler caravan, and soon my girl and I will hit the road and join the ranks of the Grey Nomads who circulate endlessly around Australia, never to be seen again.

Today, amidst great excitement, and the exchange of a huge wad of cash, we took delivery of the new caravan. Below are a few pictures to celebrate the event. We still have a lot of setting up to do, and will take a few short practice runs to iron out the bugs. We also have to move out of the house which we are renting, and get rid of a life times accumulation of junk. Space is a bit limited in a caravan, especially when half of it is a garage. Then we will set off, probably in mid January.

You didn't think I would abandon my bike did You??? But what I'm looking for now, is one of those 20mm cannons to mount on the back of my ute, so that I can shoot at any aircraft that happen to fly over my camp. There should be plenty of them lying around in Iraq about now.

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