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Just looked at the video on the tbs. ordering the vacuum gauge tonight. Just picked up the plugs. Checked with Yamaha dealer and all recalls have been complied with. Dealer did say Ecu should have compensated for the altitude change within a few minutes and disconnecting the battery forces the ecu to default to its last known settings which would be Roanoke’s altitude not at sea level. If so shouldn’t it run lean? Waiting on gauges and will sync injection.
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You trailered it on an open trailer in heavy rain? Dump the gas into a gas can (just in case I'm wrong) and put new gas in it.

Ethanol allows water to be suspended in solution with the gasoline. That is a problem. Seafoam only allows more water to be suspended in the gasoline. That is not a solution, that is the problem I think we are trying to solve. Perhaps one is willing to endure an engine running poorly due to high quantity of water suspended in the fuel? That is one way to get water out of the gas tank.

Some advocate adding lots of water to ethanol-laced gasoline, shake, let settle, then decant the water+ethanol off the bottom. The notion is that ethanol dissolves in gasoline, water does not. Ethanol in gasoline will carry water (milky "gasoline" may result). Too much water will suck the ethanol out of the gasoline. Am not sure the resulting gasoline is all that good or pure because the water stinks of gasoline so I suspect some good stuff comes out with the bad ethanol.

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Any alcohol will absorb water, even the moisture out of the air, but if allowed to sit will probably separate with the fuel floating on top. Ethanol gets a bit of a bad rap really. The positives are that it will readily absorb into the gasoline with a little agitation, it raises the octane ratings a bit (alcohol is slower burning) and it cleans the fuel system very well, removing varnish and water,, to a point.

The bad is that it absorbs water out of the air and at some point the water content becomes excessive causing “run” issues. Also it has fewer btu’s of energy per volume compared to gasoline so it’s less efficient, less power & less mpg’s unless tuned for it, (more compression & timing)

And finally, because it absorbs water in my opinion unscrupulous station owners can add water to their tanks w/o causing any real problems, boosting their profits by adding the water , this is just my opinion though, but I have seen it done years ago and it left an impression of how bad some can be. The ethanol helps cover that practice and really Make it not as noticeable.

Finally, if it were me, i’d Drain the tank as some have suggested and refill with fresh gas and i’d Also add some new spark plugs along with the wire refresh suggested by Ray earlier.

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Changed the plugs today. Interestingly enough the plugs had 14000 on them and were still gapped at .028. All 4 plugs were brownish gray and no deposits. For plugs that were supposed to be replaced at 8000 miles they looked great. I’m still waiting on the gauges to get here and will update you all when I can sync injectors.
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Originally Posted by Ike View Post
Just talked with previous owner.. fresh gas but original plugs..Need to check with Yamaha for sure
Nothing to talk to Yamaha about - change the plugs. And flush the brake and clutch fluids. They're hygroscopic (absorb and hold moisture). Between messing up the fluid and possibly starting rust... time for a change. While you're at it, might as well change the antifreeze.

Check the rubber for cracking. "Dry rot" (ozone damage) does bad things to tires, brake lines, and anything else like them. When in doubt, replace it.

Overall, coming back to sea level shouldn't be a problem. A well-behaved injection system will adapt to altitude (or lack of it). If the exhaust smells like the inside of a gas can, the motor's running much too rich. The lower the altitude, the mixture tries to get richer and richer. If the FI is behaving itself, this won't be a problem. If you get a good whiff of gas, the FI isn't behaving itself.

Anything more we can do to help spend your money?

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Ok, I changed the plugs and dumped all the gas out. It looked ok. Putin new premium non ethanol and put her back together. Cranked it up and it still had intermittent missing but not as bad as before. Decided to take it in to the dealer. Hauled it all the way to Jacksonville to Lejeune motor sports. Cranked it up and it was missing but not bad. Drove it across the parking lot and it started to clear up. Sat it front of the service door running it for a few minutes and it began to run smooth. (Wouldn’t you know it) the service manager came out and after my long explanation he states that it was the fuel. He rode it down the highway and came back with the bike running like a sewing machine. He theorized that new gas had been put on top of older gas before I bought it and I just needed to run it longer with the gas I put in after clearing the tank. So thankfully, my problem was solved with dumping what I had been told was fresh gas and looked as smelled ok. Also a big shout out to the service manager at Lejeune Motorsports for taking his time to test ride my bike and some good advice free of charge. I bought some injector cleaner to finish cleaning out the fuel system. Thanks to all for the help on this board. This bike is phenomenal now that it runs right.
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One thing the service manager said is that ethanol laced fuel begins to degrade in 6 weeks enough to cause run issues with some engines. He though maybe the previous owners fresh gas may not have been so fresh when he bought it. Either way this Fjr has seen its last ethanol unless I can’t get non ethanol while on a trip. Thanks again for all the advice, I learned a great deal about my new bike and about fuel during this process.
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New owner with problem


You can get non-ethanol gasoline in lots of places, and not all of them are gas stations. For the USA, click the link, find your state, then COPY and PASTE your list to a text file. I keep a copy on my phone, and a bookmark to the Pure-Gas web page also, for traveling.

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Seems like an over reaction. Most everyone with an FJR does not have regular access to ethanol free fuel.

In Illinois and Indiana it is simply not available within any reasonable driving distance.

If you can get it, more power to you but I would never buy premium just to get ethanol free. Waste of money IMHO. I could be wrong but my bike has never had it and runs fine for 10 years now. It is a 2008.

I take precaution though and throw a very small amount of stabil in the tank if she will sit more that 30 days. I also fill the tank before the winter down time.

In any event, you will do what you want to as we all do. But, as I said many don't have a problem so long as they dont get crazy and let her sit for months at a time.

That is definitely asking for trouble.

With stabil or other stabilizer, the winter break (5 or 6 months) has never been an issue.

My 2 cents. Inexpensive and worth every penny.
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Originally Posted by MrZappo View Post
In Illinois and Indiana it is simply not available within any reasonable driving distance.
Likewise, the DFW area. Well, OK, there are boat docks and airports and Oklahoma is about 40 miles up the road, but I pretty much ride year around so the gas doesn't sit that long in the tank.

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