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lsd 10-04-2006 03:52 PM

FJR Meet - Avignon - France 2006
Hi Everyone

Here are a Few pictures of our France trip (Some are a bit out order since they came from other people on the tour)
-----> Link http://www.itri.brighton.ac.uk/~Leigh.Dodd/FJR/france <-----

17th Sunday – Rouen City – Wicked shape Church

18th Monday – Maine-et-Loire – Houses built into the cliffs

19th Tuesday – Futuroscope (Nr. Poitiers) – Pinching some Sunflower seeds,sad that they were all finished
Great buildings with big IMAX films being shown
Fantastic Laser/Firework show* (Colour laser pictures projected on 20-30 foot high walls of water)

20th Wednesday – Beaulieu sur Dordogne – Best hotel, Best service – Great evening walk around the river

21st Thursday – La Malene (Nr. Milau) – Milau bridge first, so good went over twice then went to have a look underneath
Then onto La Malene right down at the bottom of a gorge

22nd Friday – Off to Avignon – Took the scenic route, 2 hours of driving just to get out of the Gorges Du Tarn,
There are only just so many twisty roads and great scenery a man( and his pillion) can take
Get to the FJR1300 France meeting point then off to a local camp site

23rd Saturday – Avignon – Around 100 FJR1300's set off for a ride
******* ******* **Up a mountain (Mount Ventoux) Tour de France route
******* ******* **Some food near the top and lots of wine - crazy French as guys all driving?!
******* ******* **Down to Roullison – nice town in the hills, very hot
******* ******* **Drive back to Avignon town centre to meet the mayor
Off to a club for a meal and a show
(All in French and a bit odd but the girls made it interesting for me)

24th Sunday – Avignon – Very heavy rain over night –
Decided not to go with the rest to a horse show so went to a local roman city - Arles
(My boots leaked a bit so hairdryers in ladies came in handy)
******* ******* **(Glad we did not go to see the horses, the other bike riders spent hours in the rain,
Some completely soaked through)

25th Monday – Avignon – Into the city centre again for a tour of the bridge and Palace de papes
******* ******* ***Lunch in town
******* ******* ***Then off to a Chateau neuf de pape vineyard, for a bit of wine tasting
(I was driving so can’t drink much ☹ Ses makes up for that!)
******* ******* ******* Late night ride to Draguignan (Just north of Nice) –
Best Pizza ever –
Just the thing to have with a bottle of expensive Chateau wine when you are very hungry

26th Tuesday – Draguignan – Trip to Monaco –
Went to the Cactus/Cave Park at the top
Then went down to Monaco for “lunch” Glad we left the bike at the top as roads busy
Back to Draguignan for a nice beer (Tunnel closed in Monaco so had a long detour via Nice)

27th Wednesday – Recurel – another scenic route up a mountain, complete with very deep blue lake
******* ******* ******* ******* Near Recurel have to wind up a side mountain (or very high hill),
Single track roads with U bends and steep drops off the edge
******* ******* ******* ******* One cliff road had a “Danger – Cyclist” sign so we use a Tunnel
(more like going down a mine, no lights in it at all)

28th Thursday – Chaource (Nr. Troyes) – Best route back the way we came …err OK, I can use the Tunnel then …
NO it is 1 way at the moment you have to go around the outside !!!! –
sheer drops, 2 foot wall with gaps
Get to posh French Hotel – can at least have a swim

29th Friday – Arendonk (Belgium/Dutch border) Stay with friends (via Luxembourg) – Dog tired

30th Saturday – Arendonk – Went to Holland for a river cruise and then for an evening meal
some of the best food of trip

1st Sunday – Home at last (Via Euro tunnel) We lost our number from the meet somewhere on the M23 near Gatwick
– Our dog mascot choccie needs a wash.

So if you count the UK, 6 country’s, 2200 miles (3400km) – now all we need is a break in the Caribbean !

Hope you enjoy the pics

Both very tired but happy to have achieved our round trip of France

Will spend the long winter nights planning the next one and saving up for new tyres!!

Leigh and Sara

lsd 10-04-2006 04:08 PM

teejay 10-04-2006 08:06 PM

what pics?????????????


orestes 10-05-2006 12:41 AM

Third line - click on France-2006 after Link

Nomad 10-05-2006 04:17 AM

looks obvious to me ;) -----> Link http://www.itri.brighton.ac.uk/~Leigh.Dodd/FJR/france <-----

ecellent pics anyone translate the newpaper ?

lsd 10-05-2006 04:56 AM

Not sure why the underline did not appear on the link but looks like a moderator has fixed it anyway.

If you want to see loads more pictures then goto

French Photo's 1 http://photo.etlamarmotte.net/thumbnails.php?album=58
French Photo's 2 http://photo.etlamarmotte.net/thumbnails.php?album=57

Italian Photo's http://www.fjr1300.it/index.php?modu...age&pageid=150


Pete 10-05-2006 11:42 AM


Originally Posted by Nomad

... anyone translate the newpaper ?

I asked a French colleague to translate it for me, this is what he wrote....

“157 bloody foreigners invaded our normally tranquil little village, riding big horrible Japanese bikes that would make any Harley Davidson owner puke.
After rampaging our bars and clubs all night they left our village like a cloud of locusts”

.... anyway, while his remaining eye was still partially open, he then provided a more accurate translation....

157 bikers gather in the papal city

This gathering is a first for the organiser: the FJR 1300 Tour club

You may have watched this impressive motorbike procession going up Republique street to Palais square, yesterday slightly before 7pm. The "terrible machines" -- Yamaha models FJR 13000 (sic) -- have had the privilege of parking on the Palais square all night. During that time, their drivers were feasting at Le Rouge Gorge cabaret, before being brought back by bus to the swiss chalets, specially installed for the occasion, at Villeneuve-les-Avignon.
Before this night of partying, bikers from 7 European countries (including Holland, England and Italy), had been warmly invited to a reception in the City Hall, with the mayor, Marie-Josée Roig and Aimé Gallo, the social events representative.
"We are all passionate about this wonderful FJR 1300 machine. Our club works a lot with the internet. Pierre Sauvage, the president, has created his blog and since, many people are using it to communicate. Therefore it was only natural that in September 2004, we decided to gather in the middle of France. Since that, the Belgians have organised a meeting, then the Austrians. This year, we have decided to gather here" explains Chantal Beraha, a club member. She adds: "instead of asking the town for a subsidy, we have preferred asking for logistics assistance". Ayme Gallo emphasizes: "we have almost worked for a year on this project. I believe it is very positive for the town and its businesses". For the bikers a busy schedule punctuates the days. Tourism and tasting sessions are a must.

(Picture) 157 bikers, 97 motorbikes have had the privilege of going up Republique street, escorted by the police, crossing Horloge square and parking on Palais square.

HTH! :lol:

Liz 10-05-2006 03:04 PM

Re: FJR Meet - Avignon - France 2006

Originally Posted by lsd
******* ******* **Drive back to Avignon town centre to meet the mayor
Off to a club for a meal and a show
(All in French and a bit odd but the girls made it interesting for me)

How very quirky of them.

Still. That's the French for you I suppose. :roll:

lsd 10-06-2006 06:51 AM

Found out later that it was a "Gentelman's" club !!

The ladies had a couple of guys to look at as well but one guy was, how can we say, a bit past it :shock:

Gave Sara a giggle though :twisted:


lsd 10-08-2006 04:29 PM

OK Last posting on this - promise :mrgreen:

Full GPS log


Fun around Millau Bridge, over twice then down via the town to look at the bridge from underneath


BTW. Have a few spikes on the GPS logs, anyone know of the program that displays the route (simple lines) and when you click on a point, takes you to the location in the NMEA file ?

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