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errr actually not that was not it....

Guys, there is a heck of a lot of old granny bitching going atm about the new site.

To be honest there was no option but to change - unless of course 1 of you wants to donate several thousand US$ so that we could have carried using the old package and pay for the web bandwidth package required.

What the vast majority of you are oblivious to is that web hosting is not a simple matter of hey I can get 500MB hosting for $20 on my ISP, running those forums must be dead cheep!


Web space is cheap as chips (fries) what your little hosting package at mylocalisp.com does not give you is the 20 to 25 GIGABYTES of bandwidth that passing the 100's of MB of data to the several hundreds of active users that want that data on their screens every time they come here.

IMHO the Discus (02 to date) environment is one of the best forum environments there is. Hence why we persisted with it for so long. It presents the ebb and flow of conversations to you the user is clear simple way and it allows very easily customisable searches that allowed me to do the trick with the regionally specific searches.

But it is very bandwidth hungry and there is no sign that any future upgrades will solve that problem. And for a small forum it won't be a problem, but very few non funded Discuss applications are getting more than 2 Million hits a month and passing 20+ Gigabytes of data to the www. There are also some issues with the security side of their database which becomes more and more of an issue these days.

So part of providing this forum to you all means Bikejohnny's costs for doing so have to reasonable = My time admining it has to be low & it has to be secure and fast & economical with bandwidth. This applies to anyone hosting a forum - so you should not be surprised that most new forums ( including FJRforum.com) use phpbb based applications like this one. They use this software because it ticks all the boxes.

Some specific bitching:

The new post today formats - sorry it is the thing I like least about this S/W. There is no tree view (like before) Pressing the NEW POSTS SINCE YOUR LAST VISIT is the closest hack to the search code we can find to get the same data present. Also I cannot customise the searches to be topic specific. If this worked the same then this S/w would actually be better. We’ll keep watching the hacks being done and if one comes along that does the job we’ll put it in.

Your post count and therefore rank - unlike before I can assign a specific rank to an individual. Had it not occurred to you that something might be in the pipeline to allow the more dedicated supporters of the site to benefit from this fact. Sheesh - How many times did you read " we are still working on things" "this is a work in progress" in the hi an welcome posts.

It's new and I dont like it. - suggest you turn off the telly your PC and the radio and wall paper the inside of your windows - cos NEW is out there all the time it aint always better but sometimes it has better bits in it if you take your blinkers off long enough to look!

Why is that not working? - because I haven't fixed it yet. Reality bites & pays the bills so it has to come first. So I’ll get around to it, but please PM me if you find summit broke.

I did not get an e-mail!! – well so far we are running 50 to 1 in favour of the s/w doing what it is programmed to do and sending the e-mail. The rest I reget will mostly have been deleted in error or Spam Killered

E-mail notification: Dunno what is wrong with it ATM I will get it fixed.

Smilies - yes they are crap and I'll bring some of our fav's over from the old site.

Swear filter: Is gone apart from 2 words. One of which gets changed to a easier on the eye alternative. The other just get a message to stop using foul language in your post. Please don't abuse this, it is not neccessary to swear & cus in written word, the impact is not there anyway.

So why this S/W

1. We know it well now as BikeJohnny.com uses the database and portal functionality and that is very powerful. Also all our other forums use it too.
2. The portal allows what will eventually be a very close copy of the old site with much more dynamic content.
3. The database should be much faster even with 10’s of thousands of posts in it.
4. I can finally offer extra functionality to Sponsors. – Yes there will be a sponsorship scheme that has online benefits to those who choose to contribute.
5. It is more secure – easier for you to control the data about you being accessed by others
6. It has dynamics features that should make the board a bit more interesting.
7. The private messaging system is online so you CANT press reply instead of using it as per the instructions like 10 to 20 folks a day used to….

So why now:

1. Well I started the site in November 2001…the 21st so this is near to an anniversary.
2. The server move we just made is our biggest yet. We had no choice because of the previous hosting solution. (Bandwidth overage charges and space hike charges.) It is now our own one, we use the whole dang this for this site and our others. So the bandwidth problem has eased from a cost point of view. The sooner we got you here using it the better for us.

Will the old site still be there?

Yes of course and there will be a portlet dedicated to getting to both the old sites to search. As I find really useful stuff I’ll port it over here and start a reference DB.

Please PM me if you find any gems you feel should be part of it.


I do NOT expect to have praise heaped upon me for running this site. I choose to do so, I like doing so most of the time, I know many of you and I love the FJR and Yamahas in general.

In time I will implement a lot more functionality here to make it as close to the old one as I can. But it wont be identical. Ever.

So there are genuine reasons for the change, it is my hope that this solution will now last indefinitely and not need to be changed again. We already have phpBB forums that have been working well for 4 years or more.

In the mean time if you can't have the grace to not whine like an 3 year old or whinge like a 90 year old granny about what you get for free then STF and go somewhere else.

You'll be happier, and so will I knowing you’re at another board annoying the **** of their Webmaster instead!

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Joos - I appreciate, and so do many, many others, all you have done in creating and propagating this great community. Just like any spoiled kids, we sometimes want more than is reasonable, and sometimes want it sooner than is reasonable; and we all want it our way.

Thanks for the expalanation, and the patience, and the site, and the patience, and the good info, and the patience, and all you have done, and for doing it 'so good'. Now, I'll just keep learning to get used to change, improvement and progress.

Oh, and I'll get that wallpaper off my windows, and think about getting a 'push-button shift' bike - another change we don't all necessarily agree with.

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Thanks for yr kind words David, I am not in the least bit concerned that peeps whinge, they have their right to do so, that has always been the way here. But I don't have read it without them knowing this is not done just for the sake of it.

Originally Posted by david1300
.... and think about getting a 'push-button shift' bike - another change we don't all necessarily agree with.
The similarity is that is a change no bugger asked for either, the difference is that this one was required and will keep this model more future proof!

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Thanks for the site Joos! My riding and farkling have been greatly improved by its being here.
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Does your wallet agree?

Seriously, I like this better than the old site. I never got used to navigating and searching the old forums. This is much more intuitive for me.
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Let the drama queens whine away, Joos; that is their lot in life. This phpBB software is ubiquitous; used throughout most every major motorcycle community on the 'Net. It's well-known and well-understood platform, and in the end, a lot more flexible than the Discus platform.

It's a thankless task, admin-ing a bike forum. Believe me, I know.

Thanks for your efforts, m8; beer's on me when you come to WFO-5 next year.....
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Cheers buddy.

Takes time to figure how to use new software on anything.

The people in the community 'make it' or 'break it,' not the software.

Thanks again for your hard work.

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My vote of thanks Joos for all the hard work you've put in since 2001, I would not have as much knowledge and confidence otherwise.

Would ask for 2 considerations on this new site if at all possible:

Enable a new window to open when clicking on forum subjects/threads

If possible, new posts since last visited - showing the list of posts in each thread - just like the old site. Have to scroll down every time to find what you last read....

Sincere thanks for your consideration.
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If you clik on the orange butom (see picture), you go to the first new post
of that thread.

Sabien & Luc
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Kudos for continuing to be at the helm of this forum! Let the whiners crumble under the weight of their negativity. Lots of us appreciate the hours and hours of (unpaid) work that goes into keeping FJR Owners afloat.

We just forget to mention it enough!
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