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No. I never have been able to not speed and I doubt I ever will. Furthermore, being a passenger in a vehicle that is moving at or below the speed limit is almost painful for me. I must be a bad person.

But, since I don't have problems with excessive tickets, I must be able to sufficiently control it. A few tickets, like reduced tire mileage is part of the cost of doing business for me.

I do try to be courteous to other vehicles and try not to scare other drivers. I also control the speeding in small towns and heavily enforced areas.
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Trade it in for a GEN3/4 with electronic cruise control. When you finally realize you've accelerated way beyond the posted limits, just click the RESUME button and you drift back into legal speeds territory.
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If you live in Canada it is particularly difficult as their limits are about the walking speed of a peg leg pirate.

I have been driving ten over since i was 16 years old.

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When I'm droning down the slab, it's easy to go 20+ over. My last trip down to the Smoky Mountains from MN, when I was on 4-lane divided highways, I regularly ran at 100mph indicated, which is a solid 92 on the GPS. These are wide open roads that I had mostly to myself. When the freeways get crowded, I slow it down to "go with the flow" mostly (which is still easily 10-15 over the limit). Twisty roads and 2-lanes in general, it's an entirely different story. Slow and steady so you can anticipate anything that will pop up around a corner.
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Originally Posted by red View Post
Gray hair probably helped a bit too, so if you got it, get your helmet off quickly and flaunt it, when you get stopped by the police.
...and advice for the follicley challenged of us?

As I get more used to the FJR I use the motorcycles natural vibration to keep at a steady rpm. How does it work??? I'll let you know when I quit getting tickets... (which my wife has said has already happened).
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Can you NOT speed? I知 struggling...

Originally Posted by Dale I View Post
...and advice for the follicley challenged of us?

Sure thing, mate. Wear nerdy horn-rimmed gray sunglasses, or maybe a shirt-and-tie. Suit-and-tie for the drivers license picture, certainly; you're really a fine, upstanding citizen.

If you get stopped, look old and serious. Don't argue. Say "sir" to the cop often. It is always worthwhile to know the rank insignia of the local police forces; the cops like the recognition of their personal rank, more than they will admit. Never address a sergeant as "corporal" or vice versa - get it right, or just stick with "sir."

A little smooth talking is 'way better than a court appearance. HTH.
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I can't get past step one of the twelve step program.

My problem is not cruising at 20 over. When just cruising along I like to either run with traffic or no more than 10 over. It's the lure of curves and long straights with no traffic. 20 over would just be a start. I have radar detectors on all three of my bikes. I literally have to put one on bikes within a few days of buying them.
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I'll drive at 10 over until I have someone to follow going faster. Do it right and they'll get pulled over instead of you.

As for going faster than the average speed of traffic, +5 is optimal according to the Solomon Curve:

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I love to haul ass as much as anyone else and yeah I do have a problem trying not to speed with the FJR, it's to darn easy.

But, as told to me by a former CHP officer a few moons ago...

0 - 5 mph over limit won't stop / won't cite.
5 - 10 mph over limit may stop / may cite.
10 - 15 mph over limit will stop / may cite.
15 + over limit will stop / will cite.

Where I live with easy access to mountain roads and pretty much year round riding I have ample opportunity to exercise my immaturity. And I would have to agree with Red in that a little respect or being courteous can go a long way towards avoiding those pesky court appearances.

as always your mileage may vary....
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Originally Posted by Ludwig61 View Post
As for going faster than the average speed of traffic, +5 is optimal according to the Solomon Curve
Interesting, that very well matches my intuition and I'd never seen it documented.

I might got a bit slower when approaching a "platoon" of cars bunched up behind some dorks who drive side by side without passing, and then a bit faster to get past all those idiots when I see an opening, but the average is about 5 over.

Which usually works out to 20 over the limit on the freeways I'm on... traffic moves FAST once you get away from the urban core.
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