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Originally Posted by rbentnail View Post
I think we have to also remember that, FOR NOW, most restrictions in place are decided on the state level and vary largely based on the state, unlike some of European friends. So let's not compare apples and oranges.

Here in the southeast gathering places like bars and restaurants are closed to eat-in only otherwise it's business as usual. I'm currently in SC due to the complete lack of no-travel mandates and am surprised at the number and variety of open places- cigar stores, tire shops, souvenir & trinket places- all open. And golf courses, local parks, driving ranges- all open. Some local municipalities have closed beaches, the state closes state parks based on whatever but so far it's for 2 or 3 days and they're open again. You can still go build sand castles if that's your thing. Significantly fewer tourists but still, folks are generally going on with their lives with precautions. At the golf courses we spread out at the practice range and each individual gets a recently disinfected cart. Fore!

And unlike some, I regularly commute on my bike and once out of my shop next week will continue to do so sometimes taking the long way to or from. I will continue working as our gov't deems our products as essential. We're manufacturing- no working at home here! Sure, it increases my risk but what the hay. Seems our state is overwhelmed with unemployment requests and, according to Raleigh, basically broke. And of course the avalanche effect- as people spend less, the state collects less.

And acting surprised or angry at the irresponsibility of Americans being oot & aboot? Pul-leez!! Have you seen the Italian mayors ranting in the news? The Indian police caning people in the streets? You think it's Americans? Nope. It's worldwide. It's people, disobeying is what we do best.

I'm treating this no differently than any other serious cold and flu season by distancing, disinfecting, etc. etc. etc. If you haven't been doing this all along then that's your fault b/c you should have been. If the govt, state or federal locks down then so be it. But I'm not going hermit just because.
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Originally Posted by the Ferret View Post
Barnstormer..how do you and your wife get the new signed and dated government form everytime you go out without travelling someplace?
We just fire up the computer printer - it's a PDF document on a government website, we are now on Version 2.0 of the document and it fills an A4 page, with Version 3.0 we will be on two pages!

We print out a dozen or so at a time with all our details pre-filled in, so all we have to do is tick a box for reason to go out,and sign time and date.

Various comments and questions have been addressed to the local government such as "we don't have a printer so what do we do?"

The answer was to write it out by hand

This reminds me to check if we have spare printer cartridges in stock!
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Originally Posted by JunkJacket View Post
Who said I was taking bike rides for non-essential purposes?

What I WAS saying is I felt safe on the bike before this and because there is much less traffic because of this I feel even safer out there on the bike.
That wasn't addressed specifically at you. If it was, I would have quoted the post I was replying to. If your bike is being used for essential travel, you are good to go. I know folks whose only form of transportation is their bike. I have to go in to work occasionally because we support Reach Air Med Services and Angel Flights. I ride my bike to work so I feel I'm doing good.

bike X miles=smiles
smiles bike=miles
smiles miles=bike.
It's simple math.

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I'm of the mind that they make a good case.

If all we did was 100% within our control, I would be more inclined to agree with Ferret. Since that's never the case and since other operators on the road remain idiotic and unpredictable in the face of clear rules and signage, and since no amount of PPE can protect a rider in all cases (catastrophic blunt force trauma for one), then that position is tenuous at best and gives the appearance of self servitude.

Originally Posted by the Ferret View Post
Does the Stay at Home order mean I can't take my kids to the park?

Families will still be able to go outside, including to parks and outdoor spaces that remain open, and take a walk, run, or bike ride but should continue to practice social distancing by remaining 6 feet away from other people. Playgrounds are closed because they pose a high risk of increasing transmission.
In the DFW counties that are switching from recommendations to orders, they have excluded ANY gatherings of people at parks.

All public or private gatherings of any number of people occurring outside a single household or living unit are prohibited, except as otherwise provided herein. Nothing in this Order prohibits the gathering of members of a household or living unit.
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in New Jersey a family unit had a family dinner, now 4 are dead, and 19 have been tested for the virus.So the DFW rules are doing nothing to stop the spread of the virus. One family member coming in contact with an infected individual can infect the whole family.

the first few cases of the virus here in Cincinnati were caused by an infected individual from New York coming to visit family and infecting all of them.

My wife and I i have 2 children and 5 grandchildren. In normal times get together every Sunday for dinner here at the house. We cancelled family dinners three weeks ago, and we havent seen our children or grandchildren in person in weeks. Only thru Facetime. None of us are taking this pandemic lightly. The only time my wife and I have gone out in public in the last 2 weeks is when we went to the grocery store.

I've lived in my house for 26 years, have been retired going on 7 years. I 'm pretty much here 23 hours a day, every day,. Every so often one likes to see different scenery, otherwise it's just a big expensive jail cell. Getting out is important for my physical and mental well being.It's why they let prisoners have yard time.

Now here is the important part you must understand...As long as I have ZERO chance of contracting or spreading the virus while riding to the park and back, and my government says it's OK to do it, why would I NOT do it?

I have no problem following the rules. Stay at Home rules as set, allow me to ride to the park, as long as I stay 6 feet from others (when in fact I never get within 50 feet or more of others) Until the rules say I can't, then I will.
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Theres a bit more to consider as well - those of us that live in congested heavily populated areas need to be extra careful because it's nearly impossible not to come in contact with others while you're out. Some of us live in rural areas that is not congested, I can ride around for an hour and not see anyone. Common sense applies to all, but some need to be more diligent than other IMO.
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Spousal Unit and I can take our Urals and ride in the Montana mountains and see very few people and need interact with none. Gas stations and grocery stores are our danger zones. So far in Montana there are 53 confirmed cases, no deaths or hospitalizations. The governor is also prohibiting nonessential social and recreational gatherings of more than 10 individuals outside a home or place of residence, if a distance of at least 6 feet between people cannot be maintained. So, we are well within the stated restrictions, and more importantly..... common sense.
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I wish it was warm enough in northern Mn. Id be up there already, theres still piles of snow id never get in. I could easily hermitize at the cabin, taint nobody around there. I will be doing that asap, but Ill bring lots of supplies.
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Originally Posted by Pterodactyl View Post
You must work at a toilet paper factory...... can ya get us a deal on some contraband TP?
No, sorry. We are a global producer of single use food packaging. You can imagine the dramatic increase in need with restaurants closing with carry-out only. You know those little 2 oz containers for salad dressings and bbq sauces? We make those. Those 1-piece clamshell type food containers for take-out? We make those. The list goes on and on.


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Let me just say thanks Russ, your group helps make this whole thing easier by doing what you do.

Kudos to the medical & law enforcement people as well for literally putting their lives on the line for us.

Let me add this,,, I consider myself a constitutionalist where according to the founding fathers and writers individual rights take precedent over anything else which means if you want to go walk on a beach or ride your bike it is your right but that personal absolute right stops at another individuals toes. So how does all this figure into this thread?

You have an absolute right to go for a ride but be careful not to infringe on another’s space. Just my thoughts.
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