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Originally Posted by Donk View Post
Thanks, great info. You’d think Aerostich would have told me about this one of the many times I’ve asked. A great company run by great people but clearly an oversight on that one. I guess I’ll be taking a ride up there in the next few weeks.

I talked to our rep for Tourmaster yesterday. He said the next generation of the Transition jacket will be out later this fall. Not much details more than that other than it will still be a “waterproof” liner instead of a laminate. He said Alpinestars is coming out with a new laminate jacket. A laminate jacket will not absorb water in the outer layer so stays drier and lighter. I think most Klim jackets are like that. We are a Klim dealer but there stuff is “European” cut for tall skinny people and after trying to fit into several of their jackets I’ve given up. I admit to being built similar to a fireplug but I don’t think my shape is that out of the norm. The other thing is at my age getting a mortgage on the house to buy one of their jackets is out of the question.

ROFL!!!!!!!! Isn't THAT the truth! They are pricey. Good, but pricey.
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