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Great ride + Tire review (190/55/17)

There's been quite a lot of tire discussion recently, so I wanted to share my experience. Even though they don't seem to be anyone's favorite on the forum, I've been avidly using Continental tires on my motorcycles for years...always with very consistent results and great grip throughout the length of the tires life...usually right down to the bars on the back. On my VFR I use Conti "Motions". I get both tires for around $160 and get them put on "off bike" for another maybe $70? Thats CHEAP in the motorcycle world and I usually get enough mileage from the front to last two rear tires. I decided to stay loyal and experiment with a longer lasting beefier Conti tire for the FJR and see how it goes. I went with the Conti "Road Attack 2" ($250 for both!). At the suggestion of RaYzerman and a couple others on the boards I went with a 190/55/17 on the rear instead of the 180 that comes stock. MAN was that a good choice! I spent 6 hours on the FJR in the NGA and NC mountains yesterday having a hoon of a time. The bike falls into corners soooo easy now....enough that it will catch you off guard the first ride after you get them put on. Once you get used to the new curve of the tire, it performs excellently! As for the tires themselves...amazing grip....quiet.....GREAT on wet roads....wherever there was shade on the road yesterday, the roads were still quite wet from the passover showers....I was a little more timid with the lean and throttle of course on those spots, but not once did my wheels slide at all, and I was still cranking it way over. The only CON I can see for some riders already struggling with standover height on this big bike, is that the tire adds another 1/2 inch or so to the height of the rear. I'm 6 feet tall and i am on the balls/toes of my boots when I put both feet down....but I'm used to that characteristic of this bike already. I'll attach a couple pics of the ride. You can see how much of the tire I used yesterday and I still had room for more. I scraped my boot toe sliders a couple times, but never the peg feeler....there's clearly room enough on the tire to go further as well. I remember on my 180 tire, I used almost the entire tire except maybe 1/8 inch....so I see this as another positive. What a bike!

One more thing. Speedo is dead balls accurate now.....cross checked with my Garmin 660. So it DOES fix the speedo error! Too many PROS and not enough CONS for this guy!
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