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Originally Posted by Donk View Post
Not to sort of fact check this discussion and I am a fan of the FJR and I know itís fast but....the FJR is sporting a minimum of 30% more displacement than 2 of the other bikes and in reality the Buell only has a Sportster engine. Roll ons from 60 and the FJR wins, 0-60 or 20-80 and the MT-9 or Aprilia will win. Donít try that game against a Multistrada youíll lose every time and it might be harder to beat a GS than you think! I know that because it took me to 135 to get past a well ridden GS one time. FJR is a great bike and itís fast but beating old Buells and Aprilias is not the stuff legends are made of. I apologize in advance if Iím raining on anyoneís parade.
well I dont think anyone her thinks the FJR is faster than a Ducati or any new 1000cc sportbike .. all I did was state what it was faster then with MY group ..and for that matter this article https://www.zeroto60times.com/vehicl...-60-mph-times/
this says the fjr and the mt 9 are going to be neck and neck ...and please check the year of the Aprilia ... if it were a 2020 ..the FJR would not have been in the same ball park .. or even the parking lot of said ball park PS .. my FJR the buell and the Aprilla were all "OLD : hahha

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