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Not to sort of fact check this discussion and I am a fan of the FJR and I know itís fast but....the FJR is sporting a minimum of 30% more displacement than 2 of the other bikes and in reality the Buell only has a Sportster engine. Roll ons from 60 and the FJR wins, 0-60 or 20-80 and the MT-9 or Aprilia will win. Donít try that game against a Multistrada youíll lose every time and it might be harder to beat a GS than you think! I know that because it took me to 135 to get past a well ridden GS one time. FJR is a great bike and itís fast but beating old Buells and Aprilias is not the stuff legends are made of. I apologize in advance if Iím raining on anyoneís parade.

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