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Other than highway speeds I run my 14a in the 2k-3k range all the time, simply doesn’t need more, just smooth as silk and accelerates smoothly, again you can’t be ham fisted although the throttle by wire won’t really let you be stupid, the fjr is just sooo smooth and flexible.

It will work easily under 2k all the way up to redline. There’s so much torque down low that there’s just no need to rev the crap out of it, the Yamaha engineers did a great job on the motor & fueling of this bike. But like most things here, your bike & your money.

I’ll add that most of the “stock” dyno curves I’ve seen on the fjr have 70+ ft/lbs at the rear wheel at around 2k rpm and surges to the near peak of about 98 ft/lbs from 5k to over 7k. Most of the Harley supposed superior low end torque usually peaks at about 68 ft/lbs but require you have nearly 3k to get it, most v-twins aren’t as good. Frankly the fjr is a torque monster compared to most other bikes so I prefer to use that available torque, it has some serious grunt in the 2-3k range and if I’m in a hurry I may rev it all the way to 5k which usually gets me well over most all speed limits. My .02

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