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Originally Posted by nunia720 View Post
So after I do the CCT I plan on flushing the cooling system. Here's my question: instead of running the bike thru 3 cycles of up to temp, back to fully cooled off....can't I just temporarily remove the thermostat? That way the distilled water I'll be using to flush the radiator will immediately flow through the system. Run the bike for a minute or two, turn off. Drain~blow thru radiator with hose and repeat until it runs clear. Am I missing something that would make this a bad idea??
I just completed a flush about two weeks ago. My focus was getting 'non-colored" water from the cooling system. So yes, I did flush three times (used three gallons of distilled water), but I didn't let it cool all the way down, that's crazy, you'd be there for days. I filled the system with water, rode for about 10 minutes, let the bike idle until the fan came on, and shut it down. I probably waited 15 or 20 minutes between flushes, that way it cooled sufficiently so I wouldn't burned, drain, refill, repeat. (Also had a large fan cooling me and the bike that day). After 3 gallons I got non-green tinted water, so I filled with anti-freeze and buttoned it up. It still took the better part of a day (probably 5 hours), but mission accomplished. FYI, I'm running a 2004 with 107000 miles and the system hasn't been flushed in 3 years.

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