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Originally Posted by blue2006kcj View Post
Thanks guys. Rode the bike Friday afternoon and Saturday. Not far, 6 miles up there, but took it up to the dealer for annul inspection then brought it back home. I did experience this same thing but I fiddled with the key or the kick stand and it started up, so I didn’t think much about it. It did not do it when I brought it back home.
From what youíve described, itís unlikely you have a battery issue. When batteries die, they seldom come back from the grave. You mention that you fiddled with the key switch and the side stand and had some success. While there are safety interlock switches on both the clutch lever and side stand, they only prevent the bike from starting when you hit the starter button, they donít cause everything to go dark as you describe. That leaves your ignition/key switch as a likely candidate as the source of your problem. Also, before changing any parts, you might want to check all your fuses and also disconnect and clean your battery cables and terminals.
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