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I had a K1200 LT. It was a none issue Center standing it. Easier than the FJR.
Far worse was my C10 Concours.
Here’s the thing that will fight you... technique..

Left hand on hand grip. Right hand on grap handle under seat. NOW right foot on Center stand, and step down until it touches floor. Then while still holding Center stand against floor, stand bike up straight until you fell opposite side foot of stand contact floor.
(Now both feet of stand are equally touching floor. )
Now step down with all your weight on stand while lifting with right hand.
(The majority of work is done with right leg).
Pops right up NP. Note I am l only 5,8”.

My C10 required a 6” rolling start to centerstand.

Trick is making sure it’s standing straight up and use your leg muscle. Much easier on the back

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