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I don't have a problem putting mine on the center stand. Maybe because I'm heavier (250lbs)? I position it, stand the bike up straight and grab the handle under the back seat. Then in one fluid motion, stand up on the part sticking out of the center stand with some force and pull your weight down using the back handle. If you do it quickly, it's easy to do first time every time. If you try to daintily stand on it first and then pull on the back handle you'll give yourself a hernia. I also use my center stand pretty much exclusively now. I only use the side stand to get off the bike.

I can tell you this, when I owned my BMW K1200LT, I only ever got that bike on the center stand ONCE with help. The FJR is so easy compared to it.

If you like I can make a video of it real quick. I don't have a solid floor in my garage though so I've got an 18" x 18" metal plate that's about 3/8" thick on the floor that I use to put it on.

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