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2012 Hard to put on Center Stand

Originally Posted by Msfix60 View Post
Hi all, newbie here and wondering where I can find specs for my new ride. I just picked up a 2012 and having a bitch to put It on center stand. Something is going on because as soon as I put the front wheel on a 3/4 plywood I can use the center stand very easily. Appreciate any ideas....

I recommend having some beefy assistance ready at first, while you practice this move. Strong shoes (boots) will help. Look under the edge of the seat, and mark (crayons OK) where the dedicated frame hand-grip is located under there. Right hand on the frame grip, left hand on the handledar grip, and your dominant foot on the centerstand pedal. The motion is upward and rearward with the bike, but don't be lifting the bike, so much as trying to make more separation (distance) between the frame grip and the centerstand pedal. Your full weight can be on that pedal. Put a long board on the pedal to start out and practice the move, if that helps. Put a board (2x4) under the rear wheel, if that helps. After you get the movement correct, you can eliminate the pedal board, then eliminate the 2x4 (or just use a thinner board there). Again, solo practice is not recommended; if you have any trouble, it's good to have somebody on the other side of the bike if needed.

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