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I don't know your bike history so I don't want to insult you by talking too basic. It really comes down to technique. I came from a much lighter bike and found it pretty hard putting the FJR on the center stand the first few times. But, just keep practicing and you'll find that right movement that works for you. Before writing this I went to my garage and did it so I could offer some insight, but... I can't. I stand the bike up, put my left hand on the handlebar, right on my Givi bracket or the actual handle under the seat and my foot on the center stand. It is a subtle combination of the speed you do it, to the pulling from the left hand on the handlebar, to the downward stepping on the stand, to lifting the bike. I would say the most important is the single fluid movement - you can't "lift" it on the stand, you kind of swing it onto the stand in a single motion.

I just put it on the stand on with bare feet - so I would say it is not much to do with the downward stepping pressure. It is probably most to do with the left hand/arm pulling motion if I had to judge my movement.

Edit: I just did it a few more times and I think I am stepping down more than I thought and that is probably most of the motion... but, the key is that it is a single swinging motion

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