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Originally Posted by rbentnail View Post
No, do NOT use the glove box outlet. You'll need a POWER outlet for a compressor. The glove box has an AUXILIARY outlet, meant for small loads only. It is fused at 3 amps. This is a common mistake, don't fall for it! I have a battery tender plug wired directly to the battery large loads like this. Other people do it other ways but I'm a minimalist with such things. Be sure to experiment a bit, you may have to up the in-line fuse a little depending on what compressor you buy.
Yeah, I wired my VFR with a battery tender....and the FJR I just bought came with one installed already, so I'm in luck! Amazon has several little emergency compressors wired for battery tender it looks like. In the meantime I already have a couple of those c02 emergency inflators I carry.
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