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Originally Posted by rbentnail View Post
Exactly Ray. To me it's a cost vs. benefit thing. In Canada? Too high a cost. Same as Florida and Washington due to the insurance laws there. But for me $380 was a no brainer. I easily saved significantly more than that just on parts covered. And even if I didn't use it, it's really not that big a deal, less than $100 annually. Less than the cost of a tire.
Totally agree, if I lived in one of those area’s I wouldn’t buy it either, but being from the great State of Indiana & the same price as Russ paid it was a simple no brainer with the whole clutch debacle straight out of the box, again a no brainer. I wonder how Mother Yamaha justifies charging (screwing) our Canadien brothers on this as well as forcing that candy cow pie color on them

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