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Way8lilfter, what you're describing is inconsistency... all over the map, you could adjust the sender unit arm, but to what?? Maybe start by gathering some better numbers based on how it's supposed to work.

What slowdave says, you should per Yamaha have 5 litres or 1.3 gallons left when the F-count starts, and that should take you about 60 miles until you run out. It may vary somewhat from FJR to FJR, but yours should be consistent. You could fill the tank immediately and not get the full specified 25 litres/6.6 US gallons in total, seems we never can, no worries.

What I do over time is see how many miles I get per bar, starting with a full tank... on my FJR (the far superior and fastest 2014 Root Beer and faster than those red ones), that would be approx. 40 kms. per bar. So when the last bar starts flashing, I have roughly 40 km before the F-count starts, or 140 kms. before she's bone dry. If you want to test that, take a litre or two of spare fuel with you.
I heard the silver ones are pretty quick too.

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