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That is one expensive relay.... unfortunately a multi-function one... if you're handy and have the wiring diagram from the FSM, perhaps undo the connectors to the ABS motor/solenoids, see if the relay is transferring power on the output side (to the motor). which likely is red and red/white, black being ground. That would help establish the relay is good.
It is odd you don't have the motor/solenoids working on at at all or least the front, but the Gen1 was a different animal.
If the relay is good, and still doesn't function, all connections clean, I don't hold much hope of reviving a hydraulic unit....... in the old days there were those who got faulty solenoid (servos) working, but most had clogged up passages.... if you're ambitious and electrically inclined, you could dive into the hydraulic unit deeper.......

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